We Must Follow

(We are making the move back to CO and the office, school, church, etc.  Please enjoy these posts from the archives.  You are welcome to comment as usual and I will respond on the other side.)

My standard line is that God wants His people to follow Him.  All we are ever asked to do is trust and follow Jesus.  This is certainly not a license to sin without consequence.  One man asked me something like, “How are people supposed to know what is right or wrong?”  Then he interrupted himself and added, “And I know that you will say that we are just supposed to follow Jesus.  But just following Jesus will lead a person right into sin!”  I looked at him with amazement.  He didn’t even hear what he had just said.  How could following Jesus lead a person into sin?  I never said that we should just go do whatever we want.  That’s not what God wants for us at all.  Our flesh will mislead us.  The world will mislead us.  The evil one will certainly mislead us.  If we want to be safe, we must follow Jesus.

(You might be interested in an article entitled “An Undeserved Curse.”)


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