What if it is true?

What if it is true that the Lord God Almighty loves you and accepts you?  What if He has already taken care of your sin and separation and welcomes you into fellowship with Him through Jesus?  What if you never have to be afraid of being rejected or condemned?  What if shame and fear and worry no longer have to define your thinking?

What if your doctrine and your actions and your thoughts don’t have to be perfect?  What if Jesus loves you even when you fail?  What if the bondage that led you to hurt yourself or hate yourself was lifted and you were free to receive God’s love?  What if the goal of your life was simply to live in relationship with the One who loves you enough to forgive and accept and carry you?  What if the Christian life was a life of joy and peace and good?

Would any of this affect your day?

How can I say it strongly enough?  Look away from your sin and see the Savior.  Look away from your fear and see the Deliverer.  Look away from your loneliness and see the One who truly loves you.


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One response to “What if it is true?

  1. This is indeed a blessing, sir. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this! So much freedom here..

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