Narcissistic Relationships

It’s Narcissist Friday!

This is a clip I use when I teach counselors about narcissism.  This is obviously a secular perspective, but I think it is good to hear some of these folks talk about it.  Let me know what you think of the video.  Things you agree with or disagree with?


(I continue to travel and I thought you might enjoy this little video for Narcissist Friday.  Blessings, Dave)


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2 responses to “Narcissistic Relationships

  1. I’m subscribed to the blog, but I didn’t get any emails this week. Also when I re-signed up today, I didn’t get the confirmation email that the blog is supposed to send.

    • I apologize for this, but I am not sure what is happening. It may be that I re-posted entries from a couple years ago as I traveled. I may have done something that stopped the posts from being sent out. Today’s is new. Please let me know if you still don’t get it in the email. – Dave

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