Dynamic Grace

I believe that the grace of God is dynamic.

Something that is static just sits there.  It is positional, rather than relational.  That means that a person receives grace by doing something or being something.  If you belong to a certain church, you receive grace.  Because of your position as a member of that church, you have grace.  If you clean your room, you receive grace.  You have come to the position held by one whose room is clean and thereby you receive grace.  Static grace is like the power held in the electrical system of your home.  It kicks in when you do something to turn it on.  Otherwise, it sits in readiness, waiting for you.

Some people like that idea, of course.  They like to be in control of what happens in their lives and it makes sense to them that grace should be tied to the things they do.  The idea of static grace gives these folks goals and excuses and a system of understanding their lives.  It gives them a sense of hope.  If they can just achieve the next level of performance, they will receive the grace they desire.

The problem, of course, is that this is not the grace of God.  God has no interest in being controlled or made into a system.  Static grace isn’t grace at all.  It is a lie.  Many of those who have worked hard to reach higher and higher levels of “spirituality” have expected to receive more grace and have found nothing.  They had no more than they had before.

The grace of God is dynamic.

Dynamic grace is grace that moves freely and vigorously.  Dynamic grace is unpredictable and uncontrollable.  Dynamic grace comes out of relationship.

Because God’s grace is a Person, it is outside of our control.  It moves as He moves.  It is given as He gives.  It comes from His mind and His heart.  We cannot command it or control it.

For several years this ministry has had one goal, to proclaim Jesus as God’s grace for the heart.  When I came to understand Jesus as a real person who loved me, I wanted Him.  When I understood that He was forever my life and strength and I could trust Him in all things, everything changed.

Is it easier to trust in dynamic grace?  Not for my flesh!  My flesh wants to hold something, to be in charge of something.  This idea that someone else is in charge is frightening.  But, yes, ultimately it is much easier.  I am not responsible for the results.  I am not responsible even for maintaining my position.  I have a Friend who loves me and cares for me.  He bears my burdens, if I will let Him.

Knowing what I know now, I would choose dynamic grace anytime.  I need someone who is greater than me, someone who loves me enough to protect me from myself.  I want someone who will be there when I fail and forget.  I would never return to legalism and a system of trying to earn points with God.

Yet, I admit that this dynamic grace is still a little uncomfortable at times.  Jesus is not the genie in the bottle that I can command.  Often He tells me that I don’t need what I want.  Often He waits to act until my deadlines are past.  Often He chooses results for me that I would not have chosen.  He is always right and always kind, but He does things His way, not mine.

But through it all I know that He loves me and from that love I draw my life.  All that I need for relationships with others and for peace in life is in Him.  And He will never leave me.

That’s dynamic grace!

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