So it begins

Words of affirmation.  We need them.  We need to hear that we have done well.  We need to hear that someone cares.  We need to know that we are valued.

Among the things legalism takes away in families and in churches, even in marriages, are the simple pats on the back for a job well-done.  The father was always trying to push the son to do more and better.  The job was okay, but not as good as could be.  The preacher couldn’t talk about victory without talking about the cost (which, of course, no one had yet paid).  We receive the list of things we ought to do and are told that we will never do them enough or correctly.

In the comic strips recently, the little girl took her list of resolutions to her family members.  These were the things she had resolved others should do for her.  That sounds ridiculous—until we realize that’s what a lot of parents and preachers do.  They give us lists of things that will make them look better—if we will only do them.  We are made to feel like failures so they can feel better about themselves.


It is my prayer that everyone reading this will join me in affirming the truth about ourselves in Christ.  Read these things out loud because they are true about anyone who belongs to Jesus.

I am loved!

I am accepted!

I am good!

I am valuable!

I am strong!

I am righteous!

I am forgiven!

I am free!

I am victorious!

Now, if you can say those and still be sad or grumpy, you are more determined than I am.  I read those things and know they are true about me because of Jesus and I add a couple more.

I am happy!

I am full!

I am successful!

I am at peace!

We have been made to be influenced by words.  These are the words that should surround us and seep into our hearts throughout the New Year.

Let it begin!


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2 responses to “So it begins

  1. Sheila

    Thank-you so much, I really needed that right now. Blessings.

  2. Laura

    Thank you for this encouragement, it is hard to remember this sometimes, especially when it feels like no one on earth sees our value (or treats us as though we have any.)

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