What I know about you . . .

. . . you are acceptable to God!


Most Christians know enough to be able to say that God loves them.  Some might even allow that He loves those who refuse Him.  But to say that someone is acceptable to God—well, that brings up some baggage.

I have known preachers who taught that you had to change your ways in order to become acceptable to God and then He would save you.  But that’s not possible.  No one can make themselves good enough.  No, God is willing to accept you just as you are and make you just as you ought to be.

Evangelistic crusades have used the little song, “Just As I Am,” to call people to the altar for years.  But too many have used it in a “bait and switch” scheme.  They say for the sinner to come as he is, but they expect that he will abruptly change his life and become acceptable.  Repentance, in their minds, means getting rid of those bad habits and living the straight life.

Speaking of “straight,” can a gay person be saved?  Of course!  God accepts gay people and straight people and all the rest.  Can God accept someone who has had an abortion, or someone who is divorced, or someone who doesn’t believe in creation?  Of course!  He welcomes anyone who will come.  This isn’t about what kind of sin is in your life.  Some preachers seem to say that you should come as you are unless you are xyz.  If you are xyz, then you have to change first in order to be accepted.

But God knows the truth about you and me.  He knows that we don’t have what it takes to change ourselves.  If His idea of acceptable is clean and perfect, then He will have to do that Himself.  If He wants certain sins out of our lives, He will work in us toward that goal.

So, yes, come as you are and find His love.  Whatever He wants of your life, He will accomplish.  He accepts you and He makes you acceptable.  Those who belong to Jesus are complete in Him, as acceptable to Him as He has made them.  Those who do not yet belong to Him lack nothing but to come to Him.  His arms are open and His love is great.

…to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He has made us accepted in the Beloved.      Ephesians 1:6 (NKJV) 

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