What I know about you. . .

. . . you are a success!


One of my favorite chuckles was from a few years ago when a candy bar company was running a contest.  To find out if you had won, all you had to do was unwrap the candy bar.  But every one I saw had the words, “Sorry, you are not a winner.”  How depressing!  Even my candy bars called me a loser!

The motivational speakers used to ask us what we would attempt if we knew that we couldn’t fail.  What would you be doing now, if you knew you could be successful?  Because motivational speakers usually appeal to the needs of the flesh, they give us energy and incentive to try harder.  The problem is that we still draw from the same source.  We look to our energy to accomplish our projects.

There is another perspective available to those who trust in Jesus.  We can look to Him for His energy to accomplish His projects.

When you came to Jesus, I hope you were convinced of your own inability to do what was necessary for your salvation.  I hope that someone told you the good news of what God had already done for you in Jesus.  I hope that you accepted His work on your behalf.

And I hope that attitude didn’t stop there.  Many preachers will tell people they are unworthy to gain their salvation then expect those same people to be good enough to maintain salvation.  But if you weren’t good enough to get it, how can you be good enough to keep it?  And further, if you can’t keep it on your own, how can you make your Christian life successful on your own?  Now, I know that some preachers will allow even this and say that we need Jesus to help us do what we are supposed to do.  But the whole truth is that He is not our helper, He is our Lord.

You see, when you came to Jesus and trusted in Him, success was redefined in your life.  Because of your association with Him, you will always be a winner.  He holds the victory and He gives it to those who are His.  He ran the race and, in Him, we are the champions.

But there’s more: in Psalm 1, David wrote about the person who delights in the Lord:

He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper. Psalm 1:3

Even your projects will be successful!

I was visiting with a friend the other day and I reminded him that success for the believer is in the journey, not the destination.  Our goal is to walk with the Lord who loves us, not to accomplish something for Him.  Why would you want to give Jesus a gift He didn’t ask for, isn’t interested in, and won’t use?  But as you walk with Him, you will learn that He does His work and you are privileged simply to participate.  The work is His, the strength is His, the wisdom is His, and the results are His—He just shares the joy of success with you.

What if you didn’t have to worry about results?  Would you find rest easier?  What if you didn’t have to work to be successful?  Would you find more joy in life?

Don’t worry.  The important work will get done.  You will still have an active life.  But the frustration and fear and burden will be gone.  You are already a success!

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  1. This really speaks to me, as I have been worrying recently about my future. I know I’m still really weak and looking at what is to come really scares me. But the Lord is my strength. I shouldn’t be frustrated nor afraid…

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