The Purpose

Grace 101

One of the saddest parts of the teaching of human evolution has to be the idea that there is no purpose to human life.  If we simply evolved from lower life forms—with no guiding hand, no wise counsel, no good Creator—then we are nothing special.  We are simply a step in a process to something better . . . if we last long enough.  There is no hope, no promise, no future that is ours.  Seems very sad to me.

Now, I am not debating evolution here, just making a point about some good news.  The truth, as presented in the Scriptures, is that you and I were made by a loving God for a purpose.  Humanity had that purpose from the beginning and every individual who has ever lived has had the same purpose.  We were made to live in relationship with the Almighty God!

We were made to walk with Him, talk with Him, and to live in His love.  But more than that, we were made to draw our life from Him.  Remember when Adam was perfectly made, complete in every way, ready to go, and only lacked life?  Where did that life come from?  It was not the same as the animals or the plants.  Adam’s life drew from the Lord Himself.  Adam was made to be filled with the life of God.  Later, that life passed through Adam to another as Eve was created.

It is very clear that Adam was filled with something different from what the animals had.  Yes, in many ways, human life seems the same as animal life.  But human life has a depth of meaning, a value, a purpose that is very different from all other life.  There is, in fact, a spiritual aspect that makes human life different.

When God breathed life into Adam, He gave Him spiritual life.  Spiritual life was nothing more or less than a direct communion with God.  It included a physical life, but it was so much more.  And that which was more was derived from God.  God Himself was part of man.  Human life is only derived from God.  And it was supposed to pass on from Adam and Eve to their children forever.

Humans were never meant to live apart from God.  Everything we are has been made with a purpose, to live connected to God.  We were supposed to live in love with Him forever.

Supposed to—those can be ominous words.  Something happened to change what was meant to be.  It didn’t take God by surprise, but it did change so much.

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  1. laura

    Nothing insightful to add, just wanted to say thanks for another great post, it got me thinking. Thanks, Dave.

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