No Matter What by Tacticianjenro

Please check this out today!  A wonderful post by a friend . . .

No Matter What


No matter what, my child, I will be.

“Will you be?,” I questioned the Lord,
“Will there be nothing that could separate us and break us apart?
I am still haunted by the echoes in my head.
I am still tearing down myself from all these thoughts.
I am being clouded by fearful imaginations,
That the day might come when I will fail you, Lord.
And that I might not stand in front of you,
That you would reject me.”

No matter what you fear, I will remain faithful.
No matter what you think, nothing can separate us.
No matter what happens, I will save you.

read more – No Matter What.


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2 responses to “No Matter What by Tacticianjenro

  1. grandy lin

    I love to read what you have wrote. Thanks, Your follower. Grandy lin

    Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 15:14:47 +0000 To:

  2. Penny

    oh my I love this. I so love this…..

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