On the Road Again

I will be offline for a week or so as we travel north for the summer.  Please enjoy the archives and the comment sections.  You are welcome to comment on past posts.  I will see your comments when I get back online.  Narcissist Friday posts are already in the hopper, so that won’t stop, but the Grace 101 posts will resume when I return.

If you have written to me privately and I have not responded, please be patient.  It might be good for you to resend your email.  If I get a chance while traveling, I will respond. 

God bless you all!



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2 responses to “On the Road Again

  1. Penny

    May you have a relaxing and refreshing time “offline”~Perhaps that could be a topic for a post!! “Being offline and just fine”…or something like that!
    Thanks for all you do. =)

  2. Laura


    I hope you have a relaxing trip, safe travels:)

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