Grace 101


“If anyone lacks wisdom…”

I have long thought that phrase was a classic example of Scriptural understatement.  “If anyone lacks wisdom.”  Yeah, there might be someone out there.  It seems to me that it would be simpler to say, “If anyone thinks he has wisdom.”  That would be a much smaller group and we could show them where they are wrong.

Yet, if you look deeply into that box you received when you were saved, the one filled with all the gifts that now belong to you, you will find—wisdom.  It’s there and it’s yours.

But, you say, I don’t feel wise.  That isn’t the point.  Or, I sure seem to continue to do dumb things.  That isn’t the point either.  The point is that wisdom is yours when you need it.  You can walk in wisdom.

You have probably noticed a recurrent fact as we have looked at the amazing gifts included in salvation.  None of these things are ours apart from Jesus.  In fact, we are never apart from Jesus.  We have hope because of our future in and with Him.  We have strength to overcome all obstacles because He is our strength and He is with us.  We have righteousness because He is righteous.  We have freedom because He has set us free and we live in Him.  All parts of salvation are derived from Him.  They are not ours apart from Him; they are ours in Him.

So the wisdom of Jesus is ours.  He is wise beyond our needs and He is with us.

How do you make wise decisions?  This is the key, so pay attention.  You don’t.  You take your question to Jesus and you trust that He will give you the answer.  And even in the small details of life, you submit yourself to Him in such a way that following your heart or your reason is consistent with following Him.

Our life has become a walk with a Friend, a very wise and good Friend.  And He does not follow us; we follow Him.  As we follow Him, life falls into place.  Things make sense and work out.  That doesn’t mean we won’t struggle, but it means we will worry less and fail less.

Have a decision you need to make?  Try this: Submit yourself to the Lord.  Be willing to do whatever He wants.  Ask Him to lead you to do the best thing.  If it goes one way, you will be okay with that.  If it goes the other, you will be fine with that.  You just want what He wants.  Once you are trusting Him, then do what seems best.  Trust your heart.  He will speak to you there.  Don’t worry about being wise.  Look to the One who is wise and let Him be your wisdom.  Then you will have what you need.

 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. James 1:5 (NKJV)



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3 responses to “Wisdom

  1. Angela

    I was talking to a friend today about this very thing, wisdom, and how we would have made different decisions had we stopped listening to every voice but His. All the other voices, including our own desires (re the pull of addictions, our own wills and weaknesses, our own need to be someone’s hero, whatever)..and how to access God’s wisdom in the heat of the moment.
    I think the only way is to be prepared ahead of time by having a relationship with Him. Secondly to “stop time” and go into a wilderness time with Him, (just you and the Lord). Often the “red flags” are His way of talking to you, so to be calm and quiet before Him, and allow all that He is to seep into your spirit. And let HIS will be done. Like Dave said above, even if it isn’t the answer you or anyone else wants.

  2. I was sent this blog from a friend. Yes, it is true that when Yeshua went to the cross HE gave us much more than just salvation. He gave us all the blessing, gifts & talents that HE posseses! I lerned this from a book I picked up. I HIGHLY recommend the book; The ABC’s to Bible Prayer, by Gleen Coon. He has a chapter for every need. I had been praying for five years that YHWH would change me. I wanted to believe him, have faith & trust HIM. I never though practicing in prayer what this book by Gleen Coon would give me that answer! I highly recommend it to everyone. Find it at your local Adventist bookstore or goole it online. Many Blessings & answers will come!

  3. This can be deleted, I don’t mind, but I need to say this: STAY AWAY from any teachings put out by the 7th Day Adventists – including Glenn Coon. My husband jumped from the Adventists to the Hebrew Roots Movement – and they are both cults, and both are steeped in heavy legalism. This has destroyed our marriage and family. The Adventists sound ‘reasonable’ and ‘biblical’ to draw you into their cult – but they ARE a cult.

    That said, I am enjoying unpacking the gifts of salvation! Thank you for writing this series – it is something I needed to hear.

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