Enemies of Grace

There are enemies of grace.

Over the past few years, as I have taught about grace, I have noticed that some people simply don’t want to hear.  Others hear but don’t believe.  Still others hear and believe, but they find little peace and victory.  It can be a frustrating and saddening puzzle.

But this process is familiar, isn’t it?  Some hear and get nothing.  Some hear and respond and still get nothing.  Only a few hear and respond and find the freedom and victory.

Jesus told a parable about the sower who found this same thing happening.  Let’s be sure we are in the right perspective.  In those days, seeds were scattered by hand, strewn over the prepared soil.  That’s what this man did.  He reached into his pouch, took out a handful of seed, and threw it over the soil.  Then he moved on to wait until harvest.  But what happened to the seeds?  Well, this is their story.

In order to get to the very edge of the garden spot, some seeds fell on the path.  The path was hard and simply would not allow the seeds to take root.  And the birds were waiting for the seeds.  They came to eat whatever they could grab.  Finally, even the seeds that did take root or sprout were choked out by the weeds.  Only a percentage of the seeds would survive and produce.

Through the next few posts, I want to look at enemies of grace, the things that work against the message that could change people’s lives.  Using the Scripture illustration, I want to group these enemies into three categories: the establishment, the predators, and the competition.

The work of the enemy is part of the story of grace and we will do well to seek to understand it.  In fact, this may help all of us to understand why the grace message is so often met with opposition and why some people just don’t seem to care.  Some of us have watched formerly good friends walk away after we share the message.  Pastors have watched their congregations dwindle or have been asked to leave.  Counselors have been told not to use a grace-based counseling method—even in the church.  I hope this series of posts will explain what is happening.


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5 responses to “Enemies of Grace

  1. Fellow Survivor

    David, I look forward to your further expounding on the subject under these 3 headings. The message of Grace and the salvation it offers is easy for me to grasp because its easy for me to extend my grace to my daughter because I love her. There is nothing she can ever do to make me love her more or less. Could I be disappointed in her from time to time or even mad at her, sure, but I love her just the same. Now if I, a mere human, feel that way about my child, how much more so does Jesus feel that way about me.

    Now on the subject of legalism, I find that the church where I attend, and I like it a lot, really pushes COMMUNITY. Sometimes I feel almost guilty for not participating more, although I know in my heart I need to join with other believers for my own edification. I do not think strong encouragement towards gathering with other believers falls under the legalism heading, what do you think? I know I need to join in those groups but I’m not sure I want to share my life story just yet. Iron sharpens Iron. It most probably would be good for me.

    But like everyone on this site, my self esteem and self worth have been so shattered I feel insecure in joining with these folks.

    PS. David, when I first started this journey trying to figure out what happened to me I must have looked at 20 different sites about narcissism. This is the only site i regularly read now. Thanks for everything.

    • Walking together with other believers can be a great help, and necessary for me too. As Ecclesiastes says, two are better than one, for if one falls down, one can help the other. If the church community doesn’t appeal to you, you may choose to meet with other believers who you could trust and feel comfortable with..treat each other like real friends..

  2. Rita

    I am looking forward to the coming posts with a thirsty soul that wants to be able to put belief into practice. Thank you

  3. Annie

    I too am looking forward to reading your post David and others’ comments. As I have mentioned in previous posts, my former husband (my divorce was finalised in Feb this year), uses the Church and Grace teaching to gain credibility and believes he can do what he likes while laughing in everyone’s face. He espouses God loves him and he’s under Grace. He does nothing to walk the walk and is on the hunt for supply all the time, using and abusing people while he puts on his manipulative lying charm.

  4. UnForsaken

    Tacticianjenro, you have a good piont. It’s not about programs…some of the deepest fellowship and “sharpening” I ever had was visiting a friend in the nursing home!!!!!!! And when the community starts getting pushy, it’s just another form of groupy-ism, not ministry. Always save wnough time to hear what God wants, as a group or alone!

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