The Good Ground

Grace 101


As we conclude these thoughts on the enemies of the message of grace in our lives, it seems right that we should take some time to consider the things that support and nurture that message in our lives.  In His parable of the sower, Jesus points out that some of the seed fell on good ground, ground that was prepared and ready for the seed.  No doubt this ground was tended by the sower and the seed bore the expected fruit.  Are there things available to us that will protect this amazing message and help it to grow in our lives?  Of course!

You may be surprised at the things that will help grace grow in you.  Obviously, anything that builds your relationship with Jesus will be an aspect of the good ground.  What we will look at will seem very familiar but, in some ways, be very new.

Before we get into that, however, we have to remember that we have an enemy.  The Lord has an enemy.  The evil one seeks to destroy the people of God and the work of God.  He will not have it for himself, and he doesn’t want anyone else to have it either.  In the parable of the sower, Jesus spoke of the devil.  The devil wants to steal the message of the gospel of grace, snatch it away before it can take root.  If he can’t do that, he will take away as much support for the message as he can so that the roots cannot go deep enough to survive.  If that doesn’t work, he will bring distractions so that the message is choked out by other priorities.

So, if the enemy is that active, would he be interested in polluting the ground?  Okay, I know that’s not in the parable, and I am not pushing some environmentalist message; but bear with me.  What if the enemy were able to distort the support structure of the ground so that the food, water, temperature, and light were damaging to the seed instead of good for it?  Would that make a difference?

I think it would.

I think the evil one has worked hard to compromise the support structure of the message of grace in the life of a believer.

That’s what we will be talking about in the next few posts.

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  1. UnForsaken

    The Fall : it had such a way of confusing Truth, and Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! I can’t wait for your other posts!

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