Alone Yet Not Alone

This is a wonderful song with a great message for anyone, but it makes me think of so many of you who have written to me or have commented here.  When no one understands, when everyone blames you, when you are hurt by lies, isolation, manipulation, abandonment or abuse–you are not alone!  Hang on to the truth of God’s love for you…


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3 responses to “Alone Yet Not Alone

  1. HDG

    Such a beautiful song! A wonderful reminder for those “I just can’t take this anymore” times when the pain of life’s hurts and loneliness bring bitter tears. JESUS is with us HE knows and LOVES us

  2. Anne

    Thankyou Pastor David. Joni has always been an inspiration to me since I read her very first book. Her voice is amazing. The words inspire me. Without Him in my life and those who live Him I don’t know if I would have survived the last few years. This song really brings comfort. I will download it and remember these words in those times, even now, when I feel alone. Thankyou. I moved 600km away from my abuser. Sea change … Closer to other family but left sons grandchildren and friends behind after living in same city for 27 years. Moved May 2013 and bought my new home in Sept so very new here. I do sometimes feel alone. I am safer and not triggered so much. I am indeed sometimes alone but not alone. Thankyou again.

    • UnForsaken

      Alone but not alone – YES! Good to have you join us , Annie. I have to agree abou Joni. She is a great example of someone who Chooses not to be a victim, to face what she has been handed. I admire anyone with that kind of courage. But with God, anything is possible – for all of us. We are all victorious in Him!
      Joni singing ” Man of Sorrows” is a very happy memory for me. I was flipping channels one day afew years ago, duing a time of real heartbreak, and it happened to be on again when my sister was visiting . We soaked it up. Not only was it what God had for us right then, but her music is a style we both really love. ( I come from a stricked music background and this would bew tolerated, but heavily criticized – in Joni, I would be in Huge Disapproval for trying it!) So this struck me on several different levels. I’m thanking God He has used so many wonderful ways of teaching me, through all forms of music and people, etc. I could listen to this all day .
      Thank you, Dave !

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