I am good enough

Words of Grace 


I confess up front that this post is a reaction to something I heard recently. I have heard it over the years, but this one hit home. You have heard it also; maybe you have even said it: “I’m not good enough.”

The young man says it as he walks away from a relationship. The young mother says it as she walks away from a church. The son hears it from his father. “I am not good enough.”

Not good enough for God to bless you. Not good enough to have that relationship. Not good enough to fit in with the others. Not good enough to expect something positive out of life. Not good enough.

Those are hateful words. Lies. Venom from the heart of the evil one.

All day long the evil one stands before God and says that none of us is good enough. He accuses us of sin and brokenness. He reminds us of what we have done. He tells us that we are not good enough.

Who has not sinned? Who does not need a Savior? Who can cast the first stone? Let’s face it. We are all the same. “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” “None is righteous. No not one.” All who come to Christ do so as sinners who can neither escape their sin nor atone for it. We all come the same. Needy. Broken. Sinful. Unclean. If one of us is not good enough after coming to Jesus, then none of us is. Either the Savior is enough, or we are without hope . . . all of us.

One of the most grievous sins must be for one person to look on another and think that the other is not good enough. How dare any of us hold ourselves to be better than another! The only difference between any two people is Jesus. Those who have come to Jesus have their sins washed away and stand now in His righteousness. Those who have not come to Jesus stand in their own faulty and insufficient righteousness.

But all of those who come to Jesus for salvation are the same. No one is better than another. No one can boast of superiority. Nor can anyone accept inferiority. It’s about Jesus, not you or me.

And we are as good as He is. Otherwise we are nothing. His righteousness, His goodness, is in us. He is our Life. So we are good enough, if He is good enough. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

I am good enough.

Jesus is my goodness.

I am as good as anyone who belongs to Him.

Because He has made me good

I am good enough.


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5 responses to “I am good enough

  1. Andrea Waitley

    Perfect words for what I will be teaching from Colossians 2:16, “Do not let anyone judge you…”

    Thank you so much for your passion for all we have in Jesus!

    Andrea Waitley

  2. Kathy

    I needed this so badly. Thank you. Thank you very much.

  3. UnForsaken

    ” The power of sin is the law.” 1Cor. 15:56 ESV

    Quite a statement. Read it in this version a couple days ago. Great chapter, but I only thought about it in the context of Old Testiment Law originally pointing up the peoples need for God alone, that they would always be inadiquate on their own.

    Now I wonder, can we also apply it to Any law which holds us in bondage? We are always making rules for ourselves. It’s ironic that we do it to prove how good we are, when we always fail in some way. To really believe in it you Have to have a double standard, usually expecting more out of other people! So, it’s interesting to see how we use law to justify our own sin natures. If we have rules to point to we have more leverage, control, and can feel good about ourselves.

    Humbled by these thoughts. My grandfather said he didn’t believe in God because the believers he knew were hypocrites. That may not be good reasoning – after all, what we are will never be perfect on earth, Christ is our perfection – but these people were not reflecting the Joy of knowing our Savior. They were knocking each other down and gossiping, wanting to show their superiority.

    I wish I had known this a long time ago, when I was held by a desire for other peoples approval . We only need our Lord’s good opinion…..it’s people, including ourselves, who are inpossible to please!

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