(Taking a break today in preparation for some travel.)

I am catching up on correspondence.  If you have written an email to me and haven’t heard back, please be patient just a little longer.  I should get caught up by the 15th.  If you sent something and don’t hear back from me, please send your note again.  It is possible that I missed yours.

Your questions and concerns are very welcome and I do my best to get back in a timely manner, but be sure to give me a couple weeks or so.  I try to think through carefully, rather than just answering quickly, and that slows things down.

Also, your emails to me are confidential.  Your comments on the blog, however, are not.  You are not required to use your real name or your whole name and you should be very careful not to give identifying details.  I wish I could say that everyone who comments is honest and trustworthy, but that simply is not possible.  What better place for a malicious narcissist to lurk than with a group of trusting former victims?  So please feel free to comment, but be wise.  Be especially careful of those who contact you off the blog.

“It’s Narcissist Friday” will be ready on schedule!



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2 responses to “Correspondence

  1. Paula Rogers

    You’re blog is such an encouragement to me. I live in Northern Ireland and I look forward to your narcissist Friday. It has been a lifeline to me as I’m in the process of leaving a narcissistic husband of 24years. I love Jesus and I find this subject of narcissism is not openly or thoughtfully discussed the Christian culture I live in prefers to sweep these issues under the carpet. I just want to say thank you for the authentic encouraging life giving words you share. You have educated and resourced me spiritually and emotionally through this dark valley. Thank you sincerely! Paula

  2. Susan McAllister

    I am so grateful for your posts. This information is so insightful and applicable — and I’ve not found it anywhere else. I appreciate so much that you share from a Christian perspective. Please keep sharing. God is using your message to change lives. I had not understood before how to email you, so I hope you receive this. Your clarification between the comments and emails and their confidentiality was helpful . God bless , Susan

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