Our Legalism

(I will be traveling and internet will be less available for the next couple of weeks. Please enjoy these posts from the archives. It’s Narcissist Friday posts will continue with new posts during this time. Thanks for being here!)


Let’s be honest. We do it too.  While challenging others we have a tendency to
overlook legalism in ourselves. I was complaining one day about a family
who seemed to have many excuses for not attending church. My wife
challenged me by asking if church attendance was one of the “standards” I
wanted to keep and use in my ministry. Ouch! The truth was that I was
teaching people to seek the leading of Jesus and then follow Him. Could
Jesus allow this family to miss church occasionally? Of course! But I
didn’t like it and I judged them for it. I was still applying law the way I
wanted to apply it – just like any other legalist teacher.

So let God deal with your own judgmentalism and legalism. In fact, ask Him
to challenge you. You can’t expect the people around you to enjoy the
acceptance of Jesus if you are a source of condemnation. I don’t say this
lightly and I know it isn’t easy.



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3 responses to “Our Legalism

  1. Forrest

    Excellent post! Legalism only ever kills and destroys…

  2. Forrest

    Reblogged this on Tùr Làidir.

  3. UnForsaken

    Thank you for your humility here Dave! I used to be towards people this way all the time, then with my health and other critical growth I began to understand. I enjoyed your site from first coming here, but was SO impressed by your article on church attendance that I decided to read through your whole blog.

    Someday I want to attend a church of my own choice (not the Ns) as often as I can without guilt trips or feeling that it’s something that I Have to do. It seems to me that God teaches us best when we are concious of what He wants for us Right Now, not based on a set of rules we’ve made for ourselves or having our schedules interrupted. And I am trying not to make “excuses” to people about what I know God wants me to do. Explaining always sounds like excuses, and I don’t blaim them for believing that about them. I see the real issue of legalism in my own heart as needing to care more about what matters to Him, what He thinks, instead of what people or I think about it. He has wanted me to do some of the strangest things – according to my past standards – but they blessed me because they were His will and not my own.

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