As Simple As That

What if it is all really simple? What if we could put our whole relationship with God in just a few simple words? What if all our deepest questions about God and our spiritual lives could be answered by two simple concepts? Well, try these:

Love is what God is.
Grace is what God does.

Oh, sure, I could complicate those much farther. I could wrap theological words around them to make your head spin. But it all seems to boil down to those two statements.

I didn’t say love is god. That’s not what the Bible says. The Bible says that God is love. As far as you and I are concerned, everything about God is love toward us.

And I didn’t say anything about the acts of grace we do for each other or some kind of gracious behavior among us. I am saying that everything God toward us and for us is grace. His provision, His protection, His guidance – it’s all grace because it comes from Him. He does it.

So, He loves you and He acts toward you with grace. He is the One who gives, because He loves; and the act of His giving is grace. From Him you and I receive all that we need by His grace and because of His love. Those who come to Jesus simply open themselves to His love and receive from His grace. That’s all we were ever asked to do.

His grace out of His love is our hope, our strength, our peace, our joy. In Him we end our striving, our worry, and our fear. In Him we are able to rest.

It’s as simple as that.


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3 responses to “As Simple As That

  1. Kathy

    Yes!!!! It is that simple. And the definition of love, as everyone knows, in
    1 Cor. 13. That’s God’s definition. That’s the only definition. He’s the only one who has the authority to define it because love is God is. Anything short of that is not love. We cannot say “oh, he loves us in his own way” about anyone because there is only one way – and that’s God’s way.
    And grace!! Where would I be without grace??? Grace from my Father who loves me (according to His definition of love), grace from my Lord who saved me, and grace from the Holy Spirit who guides me.
    Peace not as the world gives….. 🙂
    – Kathy

  2. Hi Dave!! I am so grateful for your work on this blog. You have refreshed my journey and gladdened my soul frequently since last October and I thank you!!
    I wanted to let you know that I have cited you and this particular post in a Bible study curriculum that David and I are writing for a youth conference taking place this summer. I thought your two simple sentences above needed to be shared, especially in the lesson about gratitude.
    I have given you, this site, and this post attribution, and I hope this will send the leaders who prepare to teach over here to check out the source!!

  3. Kitkat

    Pastor Dave, I learned many years ago about the freeing power of God’s Great Grace. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. And in His Grace I learned to shed the guilt and fear of condemnation that comes with so many legalistic denominations. It has also helped me deal with so many “good” Christian people, including my former friend who would try to guilt me into doing what she wanted. So, I look at God’s Grace as the super power He gives to us along with His example to love one another. But as I look through the posts on Narcissist behavior, I see common ties identifying that behavior and I also see frustration in dealing with it. Some things seem to jump out, like the need for validation (i.e. so I’m not crazy), the need for the Narcissist to recognize what he/she is doing, and the hope of repentence by the Narcissist. I also see the need for respect for the victim of this abuse and the necessary coping skills. So my question for you from a counseling perspective are there patterns that we go through in trying to deal with the Narcissist? When there is a death you have the patterns of grief, (denial, anger etc.). So too, is there a pattern that we should recognize in ourselves to help us better understand our emotions? I know I was absolutely baffled by my friend. She made accusations that weren’t true without any rational reason for them. I kept wondering if it was something I said, did or didn’t do. It took me a long time before I realized what was going on. I see so much pain in the posts I’ve been reading, I was just thinking that maybe it would help for us to understand and not be taken so unawares of the emotions and pain that we go through. I’m new to this site so you may have already addressed this somewhere. If so, could you refer to the post about this as it would be much appreciated. By the way I love this site. I referred it to my sister and pastor. My sister fell in love with it, as she is a counselor herself and she loved that it is focused from a Christian perspective. Thank you so much, you have helped more than you know!

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