Nothing Less

The old preacher shook hands at the back of the church after the morning service. One of the long-time attenders asked him a question. “Preacher, every Sunday you tell us about Jesus. It seems like the same message every week. Why don’t you tell us more? Talk to us about sin and right living and how the world is falling apart and what we should be doing. Give us more than just Jesus.”

The preacher held the man’s hand a little longer. “My friend, for me to talk to you about anything more than Jesus would be to give you less than the best or the most important. Anything more than Jesus is less.”


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4 responses to “Nothing Less

  1. Penny

    Amen, Pastor Dave!! Amen!!

  2. Reblogged this on Real Life Ministries USA and commented:
    “Anything more than Jesus is less.”

  3. Kate

    That should be what we think every morning. Will put your priorities in order!

  4. UnForsaken

    I Love the end quote, and the story too!

    However, many of us have heard ministers use the excellent reply as an excuse too, all the while filling their sermons with a huge dose of self. They may think they are sharing in a relevant way, showing things people can identify with. But Truly, give me Jesus any day. His Spirit convicts and shows us the best application! Jesus always walks with us in love, communicating to our hearts. ❤

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