Jesus – Our Righteousness

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been sharing thoughts on our righteousness and on the coming judgment with our congregation.  It struck me that some of you might be interested in those messages as a word of encouragement.  They are about 30 minutes long and in mp3 format so you can just right-click on the file and save them to your computer, then add them to an mp3 player whenever you wish.  Let me know if you have any problems.

Remember that these are provided for our congregation and I believe the message in a local church should be geared to that congregation.  On the other hand, these truths apply to all of God’s people.  I will put one each week for you, just for the next three weeks.  Enjoy!

Jesus – Our Righteousness


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7 responses to “Jesus – Our Righteousness

  1. Still Reforming

    You da bomb, Pastor Dave. Thank you for sharing your sermons. Blessed are the (mp3) feet that share the good news on the (Internet) mountain. 🙂

  2. healingInHim

    Thank you for providing the sermon(s). I am unable to download it to computer and then Mp3 player. If you can’t provide the file link I can always listen to it via the computer. Blessed you are reaching out to us:-)

  3. st

    Thanks, can’t wait to listen! How is your wife feeling? Praying for you guys!

  4. HDG

    Really enjoyed hearing this pastor Dave. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more!

  5. Penny

    Love this, Pastor Dave! What joy it is to actually to hear your voice! What a blessing to attend the church where you teach. Thank you, brother!
    (and praying for for wife & family….)

  6. Mark

    How refreshing to hear the gospel of grace!

  7. I have, what I think, as an uncommon understanding of Jesus. This comparing myself to other “Christians”. However I was struggling with the concept of righteousness. I hear it thrown around by a number of people. You explained this in a way which makes perfect sense. I love your sermons and hope you continue posting them. This will be one I listen to over and over again. Thanks!

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