The Righteous Judge

If it were not for judgment, many preachers would have nothing to preach about!  It seems like that’s the only thing they can find in the Bible, and many dedicate themselves to making believers worry about what is coming.  But what does the Bible really teach?  Will there be a great viewing of all the sins you have ever done?  Will there be a slow and careful examination of each person to see whether he or she deserves Heaven or Hell?  Should you be afraid?

Maybe this message will help:

Jesus – The Righteous Judge

(You should be able to save the file from the link so you can listen on an mp3 player.  I have also added a link to last week’s message for those who wanted to listen offline.  Here. )


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6 responses to “The Righteous Judge

  1. A Bruised Reed

    Hello. Will you be posting next week’s sermon? I would like to hear the continuation of this topic. Very good and edifying. The church I left due to my abusive husband being believed and supported by the pastors would frequently preach a judgement sermon that would leave even the Christian in fear of exposure and judgement. I think these preachers are maybe not saved themselves and want God’s children to fear judgement (incorrectly) because they know they will face it and misery loves company. So few true shepherds it seems…..

    • Yes! I don’t plan on posting sermons regularly, but I thought these three would be of help to some who are concerned about their personal righteousness and the future judgment. Thanks for asking!

      • HDG

        So glad you will be posting another sermon.As a child I was taught by my ‘God fearing’ parents that Jesus loves me and forgives me in heaven but yet God is going to punish me for my every wrong.Maybe they were just passing on what they’d been taught. I grew up believing EVERY time something bad(even a death) happened it was because I DID something wrong.Quite a burden to grow up with and a lasting emotional scar to this day.

      • Susan

        I can’t find the third sermon link. What date did you send it out?
        I really want to hear the third of these very encouraging, enlightening talks. Thank you so much for sharing God’s truth.

      • Hi Susan! Look for the post on February 16.

  2. HDG

    I wanted to add to my previous comment.My aunt died of cancer when I was 6.I thought it was some how my fault because I’d disobeyed my parents. I still remember those feelings after all these decades…..

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