My Apologies!

I recently learned that the posts for the last several weeks have not been sent to email subscribers. They do appear on the blog, but are not sent. I am sorry!

Apparently, reposts are not sent out.  My family and I have been out of state for the past few weeks and busy with doctors and dentists prior to that time. It seemed reasonable to repost some of the older articles from the blog during that time.  Blog traffic has stayed up, and I didn’t realize that there was a problem until several of you began asking about the status of your subscription.  I appreciate the nudge!

Well, the blog will return with regular (and new) posts in a couple of weeks.  Please forgive this oversight.

Also, during this time of travel, it is particularly difficult for me to answer correspondence.  I apologize to those who have had to wait.  Please be patient a little longer and I will get back to all of you.

In the meantime, remember that you are precious and loved!





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7 responses to “My Apologies!

  1. Grandma marchiondo

    Thank you Dave for the explanation. YOU are loved. kmartin

  2. Still Reforming

    Oh, how nice to know this. I hadn’t heard anything or gotten any Narc Friday posts in months, and in my presumption that you were busy with life things, I didn’t even bother to check here to find out if you were posting or not. Mea culpa!
    Well, I DID get this post via email, so maybe we’re back on track? No apologies necessary – It wasn’t your fault, but I’m certainly glad to hear from you again!

  3. Sam

    I was so glad to receive this and know your posts are returning. I had felt as if I had lost my lifeline! This is great news!
    Where can I go to read the recent blogs? I’ve not received anything and have been searching around.
    Blessings on you and your family!

  4. Sam

    How can I access the blog posts?

  5. Rachel

    Thanks Dave for continuing to post during the holiday period. I’m sure you are busy relaxing, or I hope you are!
    I have looked for the posts despite the lack of notification. Enjoyed them all very much too, though haven’t commented much as holiday is busy time here too with four little ones.
    Looking forward to the new posts and God Bless you and your family.

  6. Grandma marchiondo

    Dear Dave: I inadvertently hijacked a man’s difficult great ministry without meaning to do so. I will not go back on YOUR AND God’s site. Thank you for the years you poured Grace and Truth into me with Awesome results. **I KNOW my own N sin, and now pay only temporary notice of others’. Jesus wrapped me in His Arms long ago, only recently showing me this, my own sin.**I’ve been praying a long time for The Holy Spirit to break my heart/soul for what breaks His. My heart now breaks for those who experience Narcissism-sin first hand…as I have. **Please forgive my blind-intrusion. I have my own hands full to be so arrogant to believe I could testify without it hitting anyone, let alone a Brother.** You can utilize my life anyday as proof Jesus saves, shows, disciplines, changes even narcissism. I still have tentacles (I can see them), yet the strength of that sin is washed in The Blood of my Savior. Forever thankful for the one time I met you. In Christ, I am a friend in Denver. k

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