I am traveling this weekend and am unable to post. Sorry everyone. Please know that I am praying for all of you. You are loved!


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9 responses to “Traveling

  1. Grace551

    Thank you for praying. You do such a great job.

  2. Thank you for praying and you and your loved ones are remembered as well. ❤

  3. Postbellum

    Praying for safe travel and God’s blessing for you. Pastor Dave, you have faithfully given so much to so many, evidence of an authentic and abiding faith. I am so very thankful for this place you have created, it is truely a lifeline for so many that are trying to navigate these difficult relationships while honoring the Lord with our lives. Gratis !

  4. Lea Anna Curtis

    Safe travels. We thank you for all the Fridays that you did write. Blessings. Looking forward to the next post.

  5. Cat

    Safe and pleasant travels!

  6. Rosie

    Have a wonderful and safe travel!!!
    Miss you!!! Sending light your way !!

  7. UnForsaken

    Be safe and Enjoy your break!

  8. Rachel

    Hope the travels went well and thanks for all you do here for us and the Lord x

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