God promises Protection

It’s Monday Grace!

Well, you made it through another year! Congratulations! Some of you are surprised. You weren’t sure you were going to make it. The battle was too much at times. But here you are.

For some, it was last year or a few years ago. Didn’t think you were going to survive. Didn’t think you could ever find peace or happiness or health or love again. Felt like life was at an end. But it wasn’t. You made it through.

And those who look to Jesus can see His hand in all of it. At times you may have felt like He was far away or not real at all. But now, as you look again, you realize that He never let you down. He walked the path with you, kept you safe, and delivered you. He was faithful.

The hand of the Lord is on those who look to Him. His strong arm will protect you. He gets us through.

I don’t know why the Lord allows some things in our lives. I know He loves us and is strong enough to change our circumstances. I also know we all have a lot to learn and changes to make in our hearts. But I have learned (at least I try) to trust Him when difficult things come. I don’t work to guess why it is happening, I just want Him to be with me through it.

If you trust in the Lord’s love, you don’t blame Him for the things that happen. Instead, you look to Him during the difficult times and find strength and protection. You find His presence and encouragement.

It isn’t the Lord who places you in difficulties, but it is the Lord who will get you through.

And now you face a new year. Because you know that He was with you through the troubles, you know that He will be with you through this year as well. You have more confidence, more faith, more hope as you face tomorrow, knowing that He has been faithful in the past.

So this new year will be good. Struggles will come, but the Lord will protect you. His grace will truly be sufficient.

I will both lie down in peace, and sleep;
For You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.
Psalm 4:8


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8 responses to “God promises Protection

  1. Batya Ahul

    What a timely post 😎As usual Pastor Dave, you are spot-on!
    As usual I have a prayer request, I have a meeting at work tomorrow and the narcissistic manager who has been off with ill health has returned 😩 praise God it sounds like she has recovered from her illness. However she has emailed to say that “changes” Will be being discussed in the meeting…… These changes could well be one that have been proposed before which would mean that I am asked to work a shift pattern that would be impossible for me currently with young children.

    Please pray that His will be done And I know that’s not always what we expect or think we

    I have a real difficulty in trusting in His provision, I have a constant worry that “things will run out”, I know this comes from growing up in a narcissistic family where I was blamed for literally everything and made to feel guilty for using oxygen 😩I know I’ve come along way, but it’s very hard still.

  2. Z

    Thank you Pastor Dave for this post. I would like to praise and worship and thank my Lord for ending this past year with the deliverance I’d been praying for for several years. At times, I admit to fear and doubt that He even heard my prayers or cared about how I felt like I would die from the stress caused by narcissistic evil people out to help satan destroy me.
    But PRAISE GOD He was faithful! He delivered me from a place where there seemed to be no way of escape. I am finally free from these wicked followers of satan. (Who outwardly profess-falsely-to be Christians. But in private are ravenous, bloodthirsty wolves.)
    Now I need the Lord again. To help me heal from years of abuses and stress reactions/CPTSD from those abuses.
    When I remember the faithfulness of God to walk with me when I thought I’d surely die, to deliver me with a BETTER than I could pray for, ask or imagine final outcome, o can test knowing He is at work even when it seems He’s not. He is my healer and He does not lie, leave nor forsake those who put all their trust in Him!
    Thank You Jesus!!!!

  3. Amen, Dave. God has been and always remain faithful. Thank you for another word of encouragement and a Happy Blessed New Hear to you & yours, and all who read this 🙏💥👆

  4. MLS

    I get literally hundreds of emails every day. This is one of the few I genuinely look forward to. Thank you for your ministry.

  5. I am humbled and blessed by your comments! And I continue to pray for all of you.

  6. Batya Ahul

    Yay 😀 God is great, proposed changes to my shift pattern have been abandoned. Thank you for your prayers😊

  7. taniadale

    Oh my giddy aunt! How much more Lord? I know He ‘has’ this for sure, but wow…the plot just keeps thickening, if you like. Let me set the scene… So throughout 2019 the Lord ‘revealed’
    1. N. husband of 14yrs +
    2. N. ‘Christian’ mother of 54yrs 😉
    I SEE clearly now…can finally join the dots so to speak. Phew, an unbelievable amount to digest..definitely of God proportions! Many people have believed both MUM’s + HIS lies, to make themselves look ‘better’. I’m cut off by many.
    But WAIT…there’s MORE. The two people who recently kindly offered to help me with the marriage split [my sis + a friend], have turned against me in the most vile + shredding way!!! Both of them attacking me only a few weeks apart. I’m left completely shaken + gobsmacked…like the proverbial stunned mullet. I honestly don’t deserve this. Actually NO ONE deserves to be treated the way they have me.
    I have multiple sclerosis..20yrs with lots of God’s healing along the way..can walk unaided but bedridden for a year coz of N. husband’s toxicity.
    Yes I know this has the enemy written all over it.
    This story may help others?
    Hope so.
    Praise God.

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