Sins of the Weekend

It’s Monday grace!

It’s Monday morning. You don’t even want to think about what happened over the weekend. Some of it you don’t remember. Most you would like to forget. You have to get back to living.

I wrote that fully realizing that it does not describe the weekend most readers here had. That life, if it ever did describe us, is long behind us. But we still need to know what to do when we sin. We still find ourselves looking back on certain actions or words with regret.

For some, the sins of Saturday night are dealt with on Sunday morning. They go to church to confess and be forgiven. Some hear the scolding from the pulpit with gratitude. I remember one man telling me years ago that he expected and wanted to “feel bad” as he left church on Sundays. He wanted me to scold him for his weekend sins.

When we were children, some of us had to endure The Lecture. We expected it and appreciated it. The reason we appreciated it was because it dealt with our sin. Life went on after The Lecture. Enduring it was our penance. Having penance to suffer relieves us of the guilt of the sin.

So, when grace teachers say that your sin is already forgiven because of your relationship with Jesus, that He washed even the sins of this past weekend away at the cross, there are people who find that hard to believe. They expect penance. They expect at least The Lecture. There must be something they are supposed to do in order to be forgiven.

Grace teachers are “soft on sin,” they say. We use grace as “license to sin,” they say. If people believed our message, they would just run out and sin all they wanted. At least that’s what the performance people say. Sin has a price, they say.

And, at least in that last statement, they are right. There is always a price to sin. That price was the suffering and death of Jesus. That price was the blood of the sacrificial Lamb of God.

But have you ever noticed that there are other consequences to your sins? Someone got hurt. Someone paid a price. You went through a headache and regret. You made everyone think you were an idiot or a cruel person. You allowed your flesh to lead you into actions and words that do not represent who you are in Jesus. You are forgiven, but there are still consequences.

Don’t sin. I can say that with conviction. Sin hurts you, and it hurts others. It’s never worth what your flesh thinks it is.

And that person is not who you are. You don’t need that sin. You don’t need revenge. You don’t need to lie. You don’t need to hurt others. You don’t need to humiliate yourself to be accepted. In Christ you have welcome and value and love. All that you need is in Him.

But your sin will not separate you from the Lord who loves you. He has already paid the price for your sin. No penance you do will add anything to what He has already accomplished for you. No Lecture will change who you are in Him. You are still as saved as you were before you did that.

The sins of the weekend might come back to bite you in this life, but they are not on your account with God. He has already forgiven you.


Apparently the audio file is not included in the email of this post. It may be too large or email filters might not let it through. If you would like to listen to the audio version of the post, you will find it on the blog site.



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5 responses to “Sins of the Weekend

  1. Susan McAllister

    Beautiful expression of Truth!
    Thank you!

  2. Hope

    I have been taught (all my life, I think) that even as a believer, my sin separates me from God. Never being quite free of my sin, because there must be some I’m not seeing, I am never quite “good enough,” I am never quite in fellowship with God, my faith always too small. This has been reinforced by significant people in my life. When I read of God’s love in His word, I welcome it and receive it with joy, and walk away right back into the dog house, thinking I must be like one of those seeds sown on rocky soil.

    This article really is grace on Monday. Many lies have been deeply fixed in my head and heart. The last couple of years have felt like Aslan scratching the dragon skin off of Eustace and I am no where near free of it.

  3. Fellowsurvivor

    Hope, every morning when I lie down to to have my daily conversation with God, AKA my prayer time, I begin with ” have mercy on me Father, a broken man in need of a Savior” And that I am.

    My first “ask” is to help me increase my faith.

    Paul says it this way ”
    Ephesians 2:8-9 – For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: [it is] the gift of God: (Read More…)
    So faith is where it all starts for me anyway.

  4. Susan

    I was taught from a young age that even though our sins are forgiven by God, we still have to give an account of our sins on Judgment Day as the Bible says we must give account for the good and evil we have done. We do not face punishment for our sins as that has been forgiven but we do have to give an account of our lives for the rewards.This is scary as it means we are never really let off the hook.

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