Am I worthy?

It’s Monday Grace!

“Oh, I’m so unworthy!”

Let me ask: is that an appropriate statement for a believer?

For some people, that statement is not only appropriate, but evidence of superior spirituality. The more you claim your unworthiness, the more worthy you are according to them. But that’s not only nonsense, it’s wrong.

You see, you were unworthy before Jesus saved you. There was nothing you could offer Him to make Him choose you or love you. Your worth was in His heart. He saw something He loved in you. So, He called you. When you responded, He rejoiced.

Read this carefully: Now He has made you worthy! He has washed all your sin away. He has redeemed you from the evil one. He has brought you into relationship with Him forever. He has given you His life. You are worthy because of Him. In the eyes of God, you are as worthy as Jesus because He is your life.

I read a lot and a variety of genres. I just read a science fiction book by Clifford Simak called, “City.” At one place in the book he tells of colonizing Jupiter and other planets. Instead of going to a new world and trying to transform it into something that would sustain human life, he envisioned changing human life to fit the world. In the story, those who were transformed to live on Jupiter were so overwhelmed by the wonders of their new existence that they never wanted to return to normal humanity.

Watchman Nee wrote that God did not change sin in order to save us and bring us to Himself. He did not simply undo the fact of our past sins, nor did He stop us from ever doing the same sins in the future. Instead, He changed us. He made us completely new beings. We may think and act like we are still part of this world, but we are so much more. We are part of His world now.

So, yes, you are worthy. What you were is gone. The old you died with Jesus on the cross. Now, you are someone and something very different, very new. And even though the acts of sin may still be part of your daily struggle, you have been changed. You can never become unworthy again because you are inseparably connected to Jesus. The life that flows in Him flows in you.

Humility is good. We are nothing apart from Jesus. But we are not apart from Jesus, and we never will be again. Our worth is bound to His forever.

Bottom line: you are worthy because the love of God in Jesus has made you a new creation with His worth and His life. That’s good news! That’s grace!


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3 responses to “Am I worthy?

  1. Mark

    I agree wholeheartedly, however my church tradition made a big point of Paul who supposedly as he becomes more mature becomes more self-deprecating… See for example:
    I think with many of these things, the Bible allows there to be bookends of healthy thinking – perhaps Paul struggled with pride and he kept himself grounded by reminding himself of all the God had saved him from, but there are others, like the children brought to Jesus where he, despite the fact that they were one of the lowest rungs of the societal ladder, praises their righteousness.
    Having been steeped in worm theology, along with Reformed Pharisaical superiority, I often find myself at the ends of those two bookends.

  2. Growing up as the scapegoat in a narcissistic family, I have always been hyper aware of my many faults and failings. It got so bad that twenty years ago I had these horrible song lyrics frequently playing in my head: “I’m a loser, Baby, so why don’t you kill me…”

    Then about seventeen years ago, I met a group of Christians who were genuinely loving, accepting, respectful and gracious. Thanks to their influence, I made a decision one day to simply believe what the Bible says about me: that I am a daughter of the King of Kings, the apple of His eye, and I have the righteousness of Christ, simply because I do believe in Jesus and I have trusted Him to be my Savior and my Lord.

    Wow — what a difference believing the truth in God’s word, has made in my life! Today, I have peace and joy in Christ, because I know that I am His.

  3. Judy Payne

    That is so wonderful to hear Linda! What a powerful story of the transforming love of Christ! Thanks for sharing!

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