Restoring Assurance

It’s Monday Grace!

There is no such thing as an unpardonable sin.

There. I said it. I meant it. I believe it.

If you have been a part of a legalistic church, you may have an underlying suspicion that all sin is unforgivable. Once you did something, the legalist labels you with that action forever. An adulterer is always an adulterer, in their minds. If you have struggled with an addiction, you are an addict in their minds. If you had premarital sex or have looked at dirty pictures or have stolen money or used drugs, the legalist puts you in a certain category and leaves you there. No matter how often you are told that you have been forgiven, if you are identified by your sin you will feel stuck. When the preacher rails against sin, you feel that he is talking about you.

But there is no such thing as an unpardonable sin.

So you have not committed one, right?

Okay, let’s consider what Jesus said. He said that blasphemy against the Spirit cannot be forgiven. (Matt. 12:31) I don’t have the space here to stretch out my explanation. What He meant was that those who reject the truth that the Spirit brings about Jesus will not be forgiven. Why? Because they will never come to Him for forgiveness. That’s simple. It isn’t a single sin that keeps them from salvation, it is a decision, a mindset. As long as the mind and heart are set against Jesus, the person will not accept the love God offers.

But listen: the moment that changes, the way to Heaven is opened. Anyone who comes to Jesus for salvation will be saved. No one will be rejected, even if they have said bad things about Jesus or the Spirit.

Yes, unbelief will not be forgiven. Forgiveness is found in Jesus.

But you. You came to Jesus in hope and desire. You wanted what He offered. You believed. And for you, there is no unpardonable sin. All has been washed clean.

So, can you have assurance? Can you know for certain that you are saved and will stand righteous before the Lord? Can you know that Heaven is yours? Yes! Yes! Yes!

You can walk in assurance of your salvation because of what Jesus did.

Recently I reminded a group of friends that the question is not whether we can hold on to Jesus, but whether Jesus can hold on to us. You and I are saved not by our own goodness but by His goodness. Everything about our salvation rests on Jesus and His work.

I am thankful that my salvation doesn’t depend on my faithfulness. I am thankful that my salvation has nothing to do with my past. I am thankful that even the sins I do today are already washed by the blood of Jesus.

My assurance is in Him.


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3 responses to “Restoring Assurance

  1. marie

    Many can say they believe in Jesus and keep on in their sin. What about the fruit? Aren’t you supposed to see a change? I know you are and I know that only God sees the heart, but I have been living with a narcissist for 49 years and I see no change, in fact I believe he is one of Satan’s minions. Again, not for me to judge, but Satan has people too, they are to deceive us.

  2. Z

    Can I ask you what you think happens to the “wolves in sheep’s clothing”? Abusers, who obviously are unrepentantly and habitually sinning bit still pose as “Christians” in public? I’d think a Holy, Righteous, Just God would be even harsher on those counterfeits than other “regular” sinners who don’t pretend to be Christians. The abusers certainly do immense same age to true Christians-God’s beloved children-and I believe He will get justice for us and that means His wrath will visit them. Having once insincerely repeated a Sinner’s Prayer does not give one license to keep sinning! Or to mock God’s great love and grace in sending His Son to die for our sins. God sees the corrupt hearts of phony Christian Abusers and other habitual, arrogant sinners who pervert His grace and I believe He will act accordingly. I agree that once we TRULY and GENUINELY repent and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior over our whole lives, then all our sins are forever covered by His shed Blood.

  3. Z

    **I meant these counterfeits/sinners do much DAMAGE to God’s children.

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