Don’t be Afraid

It’s Narcissist Friday!

Don’t be afraid. The Bible says that over and over. Someone once said that there are 365 calls to us to not be afraid, one for each day of the year. I have never counted, but I have been afraid. Fear is normal.

But our fears make us vulnerable to abusers and manipulators. It would certainly be better if we could walk through life without fear. Yet, fear is important at certain times of our lives, right?

Someone else once said that the opposite of fear is not bravery, but stupidity. There are dangers out there. Fear makes us more careful; it helps us avoid trouble. If we were afraid of nothing, we would do even more stupid things.

So, how do we reconcile this? If narcissists and other abusers use our fears against us, and fear is an important part of life in this broken world, then how are we supposed to move forward? There is an answer.

When the Bible tells us not to fear, it also calls us to trust the Lord. The goal is not the absence of fear, but the assurance of the Lord’s protection and love. We are to look to Him when we are afraid. That’s what David did.

Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.
Psalm 56:3

David does not disrespect his fear or try to push it away. Instead, he looks to the Lord as his provider and deliverer. If he looked to himself or to others for support or protection, he would be disappointed. As he looked to the Lord, he found strength.

I am convinced that the primary reason narcissists and other abusers use fear to control is because they are afraid. To cover the fact of their fear, they cultivate fear in others. Preachers and government leaders tell us to be afraid so they can get us to depend on them. The narcissist will feel strong when we look to him for strength. These manipulators are afraid of being seen as weak or without value. To increase their value, they increase our fears.

But, if we look to the Lord when we are afraid, the abuser has nothing to gain from us. If every time the fearful topic came up we went off by ourselves to pray and be reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness, we would not be easily manipulated. Even if we couldn’t step away from the conversation or situation, we could pray in our hearts and in the moment. Looking to the Lord disarms the abuser.

Don’t get me wrong. Trouble doesn’t always just go away. Sometimes the path to good is through the trouble. But the narcissist is never the answer, no matter how much he wants to be. The Lord promises to walk with you through the struggle. He is your strength and hope.

Fear is a big deal. In some ways, it is supposed to be. But we have an answer for our fear. If we are afraid, we are called to trust in the Lord who is with us and loves us.


I’m excited! 

Those who read here know that I am “absolutely, completely, permanently, eternally dependent on Jesus!”  My only hope in life and for the future is the love of Jesus for me. 

So, I wrote a little book called, “Jesus Loves Me – This I Know.”  Obviously, it centers on the widely known first verse of the song most of us knew as children.  Those words, which still touch the hearts of so many in and out of the church, remind us of the simple truth of God’s love in Jesus. 

Written as a poem by Anna Warner to be included in a book written by her sister, Jesus Loves Me was quickly brought into homes and churches and even the camps of the Civil War.    It has remained one of the most beloved songs of our faith.

What excites me today is that I can offer this book at a low price so you can send it to family and friends over the holidays.  At just 80 pages, it is a quick read that may break through to hardened hearts and warm the hearts of those who walk with the Lord. 

The Amazon price for this book is just $5.99.  At that price, you can buy several to give as gifts.  But listen: buy the ebook first.  Read through it to decide if you would like to use it to touch the hearts of your loved ones and neighbors.  The ebook is only $3.99, and you will have plenty of time to read it and make your order before the holidays. 

I hope to have a couple more books out before the end of the year, but this little book has such potential that I wanted to get it ready first.  Of course, if you read it and like it, I’d be blessed by a positive review on Amazon. 

Frankly, if I cut the price any lower, the only ones making anything on the book will be Amazon.  As it is, I will get only a little over a dollar from each book sold.  That’s okay, because I want this to get out.  I believe it will be a blessing for anyone who reads it.  It might even be the thing God uses to get word of His love to someone who has forgotten. 

So, please consider downloading the ebook.  Check it out.  Then, if the Lord leads, buy several to give to others.  



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4 responses to “Don’t be Afraid

  1. Pamela Kay De Smet

    This is an incredibly Excellent post !!

    I would love to purchase at least one of your little books, and maybe more. BUT I am Fed up with Amazon….can’t get into my own account, even with the help of their tech support. Finally, after praying about it, the LORD said, “Just stop using Amazon. There is a lot of corruption there.”

    Is there a way we can purchase from you directly ?? Shalom Blessings, Pamela

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, I am working on two things. First, I am preparing an epub version of the book I can post on my site for download. You will be able to get that for a donation. Second, I hope to have paperbacks available to send out directly.

      Amazon is challenging, but it is by far the largest platform available. It makes things easy for authors to get in, but not as easy to operate on the outside. I can get “author copies” of the book for my own use, but they still charge for printing and postage. If I add the costs of packing and shipping to send it out from my office, I make almost nothing. Besides that, they are shockingly slow in shipping to authors. I placed an order a few days ago that won’t come until after the 24th. All of this is to discourage private selling. We will, therefore, find a way to do it anyway. 😉

      Give me a few days to set things up. Eventually, I will make all my books available outside Amazon. I think that will be a good thing.

      • Pamela Kay De Smet

        I am so very glad to hear this. Thank you for your response, and the new possibilities. I have always loved getting my books through Amazon. I often buy used books to save money through them…..but I haven’t bought any books in a long time now….so I figure the LORD must be going to fill in some way. These possibilities will be great, and God will likely open up MORE possibilities to come. I wouldn’t mind paying a little more through you, than having to go through Amazon. The LORD’s Kingdom should be able to out-wit Amazon…..BUT I do KNOW what a powerful platform it is for authors, and for buyers. They have done a great job making it very convenient…..and controlling 🙂 Shalom Blessings…Pamela

      • I’m glad you’re doing that. I for one would be glad to pay more and wait longer in order to buy from you directly. I will say that I’m going to go get a few copies off Amazon in the meantime.

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