What does it mean to go to Heaven?

It’s Monday Grace!

“Heaven is where you can have all the ice cream you want!”

“The streets are lined with gold, and everyone is rich beyond imagination!”

“You will be able to do anything you want in Heaven!”

I have wondered how many people are disappointed to learn what Heaven is really like. Probably none, but the promises we learned as children and had reinforced as adults surely missed the point. I suspect that these fleshly desires simply slip away when we see the reality of Heaven.

If we extrapolate our ideas of Heaven from our knowledge of here and now, especially if we use Heaven as a fantasy world to escape hardships here, we do miss the point. Heaven is not an escape, nor is it a reward for good service. Heaven is home.

Is everyone rich in Heaven? Sure, but rich in their hearts and minds. The idea that the streets are lined with gold serves to tell us that the people in Heaven no longer care about gold or anything else this world values. Even family and spousal relationships, certainly among the most precious things we have here, pale in value to what we will all share in Heaven. We simply don’t yet know the incredible joy and peace of being home.

The primary aspect of Heaven, which we often forget, is that we will be fully and freely in the presence of the Lord who loves us. Today, we belong to Him, and nothing can separate us from Him, but we neither feel that nor fully understand it. We live as though we are separate. Our sin continues to distract us from Him. The world continues to claim us as its own. The devil continues to accuse us of being phony and compromised. But, in Heaven, all of that will be gone. Anything that makes us feel separate will vanish, and we will know the true heart of God for us.

Remember that anything we learn about Heaven from the Bible is in the form of types and symbols. We can only imagine or feel what Heaven will be like, because nothing here compares with it. Let me give one example.

Imagine what it would be like to be in a world without sin. Frankly, you can’t. You can imagine a world where no one hurts you, but not one where there is no reason to be afraid. You can imagine a world where everyone shares what they have, but probably not one without feelings of ownership or greed. Of course, I don’t know what you can imagine, but my point is that we have no idea what life without sin would be like. We were born into a sinful world, raised by sinful parents, educated by a sinful community, and our flesh moves us to sin every day. No matter how hard we try, we can’t stop the wrong desires or perspectives that enter our hearts.

In Heaven, sin will be gone! Even if we don’t know what that means, we know it will be wonderful. To finally breathe freely, without worry, will be amazing.

C. S. Lewis often spoke of Heaven as home. That resonates with me. Not because my earthly home was so wonderful, but because a part of me longs for a welcome and freedom I have never felt in this world. The longing, Lewis suggested, is evidence of the reality of Heaven. We were made for more than this. This world is not our home, but there is a home for us.

And Heaven is ours because of Jesus. When you and I came to Jesus, accepted His offer of new life, an unbreakable life connection was established in the Holy Spirit. Far more changed in us than we know. We really did die and rise again, even though our minds could not comprehend that truth. So, where Jesus is, we are – and will be.

Because of that, there are glimpses of Heaven today. Not often, not strong, not lasting, but glimpses. Truth that warms our hearts in strange ways. Kindness that connects us to others. That odd disconnect we sometimes feel when we look around in this world. These and more may be glimpses of the reality of Heaven.

Heaven is ours now. We are no longer citizens of this world. We belong to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. But we are not yet home. On our way there, but not yet.

What a day of rejoicing it will be when we finally arrive!


I’m excited! 

Those who read here know that I am “absolutely, completely, permanently, eternally dependent on Jesus!”  My only hope in life and for the future is the love of Jesus for me. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is book-cover-5x8-1.jpg

So, I wrote a little book called, “Jesus Loves Me – This I Know.”  Obviously, it centers on the widely known first verse of the song most of us knew as children.  Those words, which still touch the hearts of so many in and out of the church, remind us of the simple truth of God’s love in Jesus. 

Written as a poem by Anna Warner to be included in a book written by her sister, Jesus Loves Me was quickly brought into homes and churches and even the camps of the Civil War.    It has remained one of the most beloved songs of our faith.

What excites me today is that I can offer this book at a low price so you can send it to family and friends over the holidays.  At just 80 pages, it is a quick read that may break through to hardened hearts and warm the hearts of those who walk with the Lord. 

The Amazon price for this book is just $5.99.  At that price, you can buy several to give as gifts.  But listen: buy the ebook first.  Read through it to decide if you would like to use it to touch the hearts of your loved ones and neighbors.  The ebook is only $3.99, and you will have plenty of time to read it and make your order before the holidays. 

I hope to have a couple more books out before the end of the year, but this little book has such potential that I wanted to get it ready first.  Of course, if you read it and like it, I’d be blessed by a positive review on Amazon. 

Frankly, if I cut the price any lower, the only ones making anything on the book will be Amazon.  As it is, I will get only a little over a dollar from each book sold.  That’s okay, because I want this to get out.  I believe it will be a blessing for anyone who reads it.  It might even be the thing God uses to get word of His love to someone who has forgotten. 

So, please consider downloading the ebook.  Check it out.  Then, if the Lord leads, buy several to give to others.  



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2 responses to “What does it mean to go to Heaven?

  1. Wow, I’m learning so much from you. I so appreciate your work. I keep all your emails! 🙂

  2. I don’t think any of us know ahead of time. We just trust God.

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