What does it mean to be in the Last Days?

It’s Monday Grace!

One of the interesting aspects of the grace movement in our day is that we are not of one mind about the end times. We all look forward to the coming of Jesus. We just don’t know when that will happen. Will it be before the time of God’s wrath? Will there even be a time of wrath? What about the Rapture? Grace teachers often disagree.

The beauty of the message of grace is that we all agree these things are in the hands of the Lord who loves us. There is nothing for us to fear, nothing for us to doubt. Some of us read one thing in Scriptures, but others read something different. And that’s okay.

I think it is important for us to accept mysteries as part of our doctrine. In other words, to admit that we just don’t know certain things. The events of the end times are an excellent example of something for which we have to trust the Lord. He doesn’t have to tell us everything.

Grace teachers are far more concerned about helping people accept the love of God for themselves, freeing people from trying to earn acceptance through performance, then setting up charts and graphs to guide people through the end times. If we go in a Rapture, that will be according to the will and love of Jesus. If we stay to witness to others, that will also be according to the will of the Lord who loves us.

Yielding and submitting when we just don’t understand is part of living under grace. We may not know what the future holds, as they say, but we know Who holds the future. He’s the same One that holds the present and the past. He’s the One who washed away our sins and released us from bondage and fear. He’s the One who promises to be with us always, even through suffering.

To be in the last days is to know that this world is not our home, that our Savior is the true King, and that we are fully accepted in Him. We do not fear the judgment, and we know that there is no feeling of wrath toward us. We believe there will be a great culmination, a final cleansing of all things, and that will be good.

How could the disciples and the generations of disciples after them all be living in the last days that Jesus talked about? By walking with Him. The days of this world and its power are waning. They have been waning ever since the cross. The evil one has already been vanquished. Sin has already been overcome. The new life has already been given to those who believe.

If it has taken 2000 years for the last days to be accomplished, or if it takes a few hundred more years, it will be for the glory of our Lord and the accomplishment of His purpose.

And if the trumpet blows tomorrow and the saints of the Lord meet Him in the air to be with Him forever, it will be a glorious day for our Lord and a joyous day for us.

Whatever He wills. That’s life under grace.

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