Time Off

I appreciate all of you so much and am so grateful to hear that God uses these posts for your good! Your comments are a blessing to me.

I will be traveling for the next couple of weeks, so I won’t be writing until mid-September. They say that’s not good for a blog, that you will lose readers. Please check in again, because I will be back.

I have decided not to bring back favorite posts of mine, but if you would like to plug a favorite of yours in the comments as a way for others to appreciate how the Lord blessed you, please feel free. You can post the link or just the title so others can use the search to find it. (I may have to approve the links, but I should be able to do that with a time delay.)

Again, I am very grateful to and for all of you. I know God will bless you in these next weeks.


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8 responses to “Time Off

  1. Batya Ahul

    Enjoy your time off with your family Pastor Dave & thank you for all you do for us☺️
    The above post is very relevant to me, forgiveness is hard when your family has been harmed by the actions of others.
    It’s super hard when we have been harmed by members of your own family.
    But through His grace I know I can forgive, but my goodness it is hard.
    My son has a school entrance exam on the
    8th of September (next Thursday) might I please ask those reading this to pray for him to have peace & wisdom during the exam?
    I pray for all who read this and I pray with thanks for a time of restoration & peace for Pastor Dave & his family☺️.

    • Batya Ahul

      Thank you to all who prayed, my son felt His peace and completed the exam with ease. We won’t know the results for several weeks but my prayers have been answered in that he stayed calm & did his best 😎

  2. milkandhoneyhome

    You won’t lose this reader 🙂 enjoy your vacation!


  3. Steve Tompkins

    Enjoy your travels Pastor Dave!! Be safe. I always go back thru my emails and re-read all the posts. 🙂

  4. evacennis

    you’re the best, Pastor Dave! -eva

  5. Amy

    Have a much-needed time off! Rest, relax and have fun! This reader certainly won’t be leaving! ❤

  6. Be blessed on your trip, can’t wait for you to get back! Will miss you!

  7. beautiful swan

    Thank you for your friendship through these posts. I will not be leaving. I am always amazed when I look back at the volume of posts here. Thank you for your ministry. Enjoy.

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