About Honoring Parents

It’s Narcissist Friday!     


I am traveling these days, but I wanted to re-emphasize something I wrote a while back.  I often get questions about the biblical responsibility of honoring parents, particularly when those parents are narcissistic.  I have thought about this a great deal and will write more on it at a later time.  This, however, is a “proclamation” I would share with you.  I invite you to share this sentiment in your own life and pass it on to your children.


I believe that I honor my parents when I become a healthy, functioning adult and when I am able to pass that health on to my children or to use that health to bless the people around me.  It does not honor them for me to continue their brokenness through my life.  Even if they don’t see the need for me to be a person separate from them, I still must be able to establish and maintain boundaries, own and value my feelings, make independent decisions, and learn to share myself as a real person with others.  If, through their narcissism, my parents have dishonored themselves, I honor them best by finding a way to break the evil patterns in my life and in the lives of those who follow me.