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I am Wise

Words of Grace

One of the most common things I hear around me is people saying how dumb they are.  “Oh, I’m so stupid.”  “I never do that right.”  “My brain doesn’t work.”  I make such stupid decisions.”

But if you are so stupid, how can you ever make a wise decision?  Many people believe they can’t.  They need a teacher to tell them what to do.  They need preachers or elders or counselors.  Then, if the teacher says something they don’t agree with, they just tell themselves that the teacher is wise and they have to trust him.

What if I could convince you that you are wise?  Wouldn’t you say that someone who has wisdom is wise?  If someone were to ask you to estimate your net worth, would you tell them only what you have in your pocket or purse?  Wouldn’t you count everything: bank accounts, investments, property, etc?  If the man standing next to you has seventy-five cents in his pocket and seventy-five million dollars in the bank, would you consider him rich or poor?

You see, what you have full access to is yours.  You have the wisdom of Christ in you.  He is your Wisdom and that makes you wise.

But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became for us wisdom from God–and righteousness and sanctification and redemption–1 Corinthians 1:30 (NKJV)

It doesn’t matter whether you feel wise or even if you always make wise decisions.  The truth is that wisdom belongs to you.  If you feel that you need to make a wise decision, just ask.  That’s what the Scripture says.

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. James 1:5 (NKJV)


I like that verse because it adds the fact that God will not accuse us of being stupid when we ask.  He will not judge us negatively for asking.  Whatever we need, especially wisdom, we receive freely from Him.

So you are wise.  Don’t hesitate to stop once in a while to ask the Lord what He thinks, then trust Him to lead you by His/your wisdom.

I am wise.

I have the wisdom of the Lord.

I can ask Him anything and wait for an answer.

Jesus is God’s wisdom in me.

I am wise.


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Look Back

Grace 101


Chuck Swindoll once said something like, “If you want to see how God is leading you, look back.”

Frankly, I never found that to be helpful.  When I look back over the path of my life I see evidence of uncertainty, compromise, and foolishness.  I see the mistakes I made and the cruelty of others and what seems like a lot of random events.

I do see the hand of God.  I see His protection and provision.  I see His work in circumstances and people.  He was certainly there and at work.  But to look back and say that was the leading of God seems strange.  God was not responsible for the fleshly choices I made.  God was not responsible for the things others did to me.  God was there; but, if He was leading, I wasn’t often following.

The Family Circus has been a popular comic in the newspapers for over fifty years.  Written by Bill Keane, it presented basic Christian values and a perspective on children and family that many enjoyed.  The comic is still written, now by Jeff Keane, and is still carried in syndication.  Those of us who raised families during the years of the comic’s popularity in the local paper saw a lot of our own families in The Family Circus.

One of the things I remember so well, and was used in the comic many times, was the fact that the children rarely moved in straight lines.  If told to go somewhere, Billy or Dolly or Jeffy would wander all over the place on their way to their appointed destination.  On any path there were distractions and obstacles that made the goal questionable.

That’s more what I see when I look back.

But maybe there is something in what Swindoll said.  God was always there.  His love was never removed.  There are points where I can see it so clearly.  He could have rejected me, maybe should have by my fleshly standards, but He never did.  He was always there.

So, perhaps we shouldn’t look back over our path expecting to learn anything more than the fact that God has always loved us and has always been there for us.  When we wandered far from Him, He was still with us.  When we did things our own way, rejecting Him and His way, He was still there.  When we found the pain and struggle of our sin or the sin of others, He was there.  He might have allowed us to go through some difficult times, but we were never alone.

David wrote something I have held onto for a long time.  In Psalm 37:25, he wrote:  “I have been young , and am now old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging bread.”  I was not always righteous, but when Jesus came into my life I found Him faithful.  He has protected and provided.  He has always been there.

And here’s the point: If He was always there with you in the past, He will always be there with you in the future.  You might not be able to see a direction or destination based on your path, but you can trust that you do not walk alone.

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