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Worried about your performance?

(This blog will be offline for a couple of weeks while I travel.  Please enjoy these posts from the archives.  Feel free to comment or ask questions.  I will be able to respond when I return.)


I wrote this to a pastor who was struggling.  Maybe your pastor would be encouraged by it as well…

If you can keep in your mind and heart that the Lord has already accepted you in His beloved (Ephesians 1:6), then you don’t have to worry about your performance as a pastor. Just trust that the Lord loves you and He loves your people more than you do. If you seek Him, He will lead you to do just what He wants. It isn’t often that a pastor hears a message about resting in the ministry, but that’s what I would like you to hear. The labor is His. The resources are His. The people and the work are His. You are just along for the ride. From time to time you will be with Him as He touches lives and you will share in both the joy and the glory.

Ministry becomes discouraging when a pastor believes the expectations placed on him by the people, the denomination, his family, or even his own heart. You are not what your people need. You will never live up to their expectations. But He does. All you can do is lead them to Him.


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Why I celebrate Christmas – 1


Christmas is difficult for most pastors to celebrate.  First, as we grow older it seems to come around more quickly each year.  Didn’t we just talk about Mary and Joseph?  It’s hard to come up with something new each year that stays centered on the same Scripture passages and the same story.  Then, of course, it is a busy time of the year in churches.  Christmas plays and cantatas, annual report preparation, extra counseling and visiting loads—all combine to make things more hectic in the church.  Let alone the increased family activity.  And the cold.  And the shopping.  And the fact that few pastors get to travel for Christmas because of church schedules.  So Christmas is often seen as an interruption in an already busy life.

But I have come to understand that everyone is busy at Christmas.  Everyone is stressed and in times of stress we all need something that doesn’t spin and make us crazy.  What do we have, as believers,  that is solid and secure, even at Christmas?  We have the old story.  I have been amazed at the value placed on singing the carols we learned as children and hearing the same message of God’s love for the world in the baby in the manger.  People need stability and Christmas offers a familiar and comforting message, something most of us have needed all year.

So, this Christmas season, find the message.  Think about the amazing love that entered the world to find you and draw you to God.  And, in the midst of all the craziness, remember.

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