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What’s a preacher to do?

I have to stop here and ask a question: how is a preacher supposed to motivate his congregation to good works if he cannot use a performance-based system?  You see the problem?  If there is no punishment left for believers, no condemnation, and if there is no system of rewards for good performance, then why wouldn’t people just go out and do whatever they want?  Of course, that’s the question Paul relates in Romans 6:15.  People will just sin more if they understand that they are under grace.

So, preachers, you must teach your people how to walk in relationship with Jesus.  Yes, that is something very different from performance.  It isn’t about how they walk, but with whom they walk.  Those who walk with Jesus walk far from sin.  He is good and He leads us into good.  We can trust Him.  We cannot trust ourselves to walk right and all the good teaching won’t help.  Instead of learning to walk “uprightly,” we need to learn to walk with Him.  The “uprightly” part will happen.

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