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Ruth – take two


Several months ago I posted about a blog I had begun to read from a young lady who had left a legalist background and was now struggling to cope in the world.

Now it turns out that Ruth and her blog were phony.

We always knew that Ruth was a pseudonym.  What we didn’t know was that the story was fabricated, presumably for the purpose of gaining attention and money.  People prayed for Ruth, sent her advice and words of encouragement, and—oh yeah—money.

Well, I was duped and I apologize for passing the farce on to you.  There are real people out there struggling as they get out from under the bondage of legalism.  Ruth just wasn’t one of them.  She told a great story.  Her only weakness was that her addiction to the attention and money led her to create stories that didn’t quite work and people started checking.  Now there’s a detailed exposé of Ruth that you can read beginning here:  (http://www.truth-about-ruth.com/lets-raze-ruth-once-and-for-all/)

The author of the Ruth farce appears to be a troubled individual who has done things like this before.  That sounds like an identity problem to me.  She, like so many others, has determined that being herself is not good enough.  She will never get the attention and love she needs by being herself, so she must become someone else.  She might even be operating under several false identities.

The money doesn’t appear to be that much.  A few thousand dollars.  I know that’s a lot for any one person, but considering the amount of time and energy she must have put into research and writing and keeping everything straight, she probably didn’t make minimum wage.  It makes me think of the criminals who spend so much time and energy executing their crimes that they would have been better off just to have worked.

No, this is about identity.  Money is a side benefit that can become center at times.  It happens when someone sees love and attention going to others while feeling neglected themselves.  There is a disorder known as Munchausen’s Syndrome that has been suggested in this and other cases.  Those who have this disorder pretend to have illnesses and may even exhibit symptoms to gain the attention of others.

It is so important for us to help people understand who they are in Jesus, to find their identity in Him.  They will know of His love and care and they may find peace.  I understand that personality disorders can be caused by physical problems, but there are many people who are simply lonely and confused about themselves.  All their lives they have believed that they aren’t good enough, that no one really cares.

There is One who truly cares and He is good enough.

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