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Grace 101

So far we have only looked at three blessings in the gift the believer receives in Jesus: salvation, forgiveness, and righteousness.  I admit that these are big blessings, ones that should be found on top of the box as you sort through the gift.  But the fourth one lies right under these, so obvious that you can’t miss it.  Yet, so many believers never explore the rest of the gift after they find salvation.  So they miss something amazing.

What do you have when you know you are saved and Heaven is yours; and you know that your sins are fully and forever forgiven; and you have as your own the righteousness of Jesus?  Let me tease just a little more: if you understand the first three, the fourth comes naturally.  If you don’t understand or accept the fullness of the first three, you will not find the fourth.

(There really should be a drumroll here.)

If Heaven is secure and your sins are gone and the righteousness of Jesus is yours—then you are finally free to rest.


No more striving to measure up, to be good enough for Heaven.  No more trying to cover your own sins or make up for the negative things of your life.  No more working to appear righteous in the sight of God.  All those things are yours as part of the gift and you can rest.

Rest in the assurance.

Rest in the accomplishment.

Rest in the promise.

Rest in the love.

Now, I know that some will insist that there is work to be done, that we cannot rest until we have accomplished the purpose God has for our lives.  Bah!  We can rest while we enjoy the work of God in us, through us, and for us.  Rest is not the end of activity, but the end of strife.  Rest is not laziness, but trusting that the essential work is done and the work that is left will be accomplished by His energy and wisdom.  Rest is not ignoring the things that remain, but rest is believing that God does His work and the privilege we have of participating in that work is not a burden.  Rest is joyful activity.

Jesus has given you all you need.  Now rest.  Enjoy the days that remain in this world and look forward to the hope of tomorrow.


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