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I am Alive!

Words of Grace  


One of my favorite signs is one I saw in Woolworth’s quite a few years ago. It was right behind the cashier at the checkout. It said, “Would all the employees who have died please lie down?” I confess that I found it both funny and terribly demeaning toward the employees.

On the other hand, I would understand those employees who felt dead. Same old job at the same old place with the same old people. No energy. No enthusiasm. No life. I hope most of you don’t feel that way today, but I’d bet that you have felt that way at times. You get up and go because you are supposed to. You smile and you do what is expected. Some days that’s pretty much all you get.

Then we hear the message of the cross and the Resurrection and we remember the truth. He who was dead has conquered death for us. He is alive and we are alive in Him. When Jesus rose from the dead, we rose from the dead. Those who trust in Him share His life.

Everything has changed in Jesus. You see, apart from Jesus we were dead. There was no life in us. Those times we felt alive contributed nothing to our real state and, no matter what motivational speaker we listened to, we were still dead—and we felt it.

But in Jesus our universe has changed. Because He is alive, we are alive. Those times we feel dead do nothing to change the fact that we are alive. No matter who tells us differently, even the whispers in our own hearts, we are still alive—and we know it.

Coming off the celebration of the Resurrection, I shout to the world, “I am alive!” Nothing can take my life away. Not the drudgery of the daily grind or the discouragement of troubled relationships or the oppression of authority or the attack of the evil one—nothing. No one will snatch me out of Jesus’ hand. The world around me may be dying, but I am alive . . . and I will be forever.


I am alive!

Jesus is my life forever.

Nothing can take away the life He has given me.

Whatever I feel or whatever happens,

I am alive!


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I am complete

Words of Grace 


…and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power. Colossians 2:10


Theologically, emotionally, and practically—this is one of the most amazing statements of the Bible.  “You are complete.”  Nothing more to be done.  God looks at you and sees a finished product.

Think of how that contrasts with so much of what we have been taught.  “You will be acceptable to God if…”  “Your salvation will be assured when…”  “God needs you to do…”  So much of the church’s teaching has been about what we are supposed to do now.  But what if it has all been done for us?

What if you really are a finished product?  What if there is nothing more for you to do for your salvation or if there is nothing more that you could do?  What if you are already complete in Him?  That would be something truly amazing!

Do you realize that the only thing that will happen when you and I die to this world is that we will lose things?  We will lose our fears.  We will lose our physical bodies.*  We will lose the sin that has plagued us for so long.  We will separate from this world of corruption.  All those things will drop away like the husk of a seed that has germinated into its true nature.

The context of the passage quoted above is about Jesus, in whom “dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.”  That word, “fullness,” is the same as the word, “complete.”  All the way to the top.  Full.  Whole.

Listen: just as Christ is full of the Godhead, full in the Father, so are you full in Him.  That is just what this passage is saying.  Is Jesus less than God?  No?  Then neither are you less than complete in Him.

The call to the believer is to live according to the truth of who we are in Jesus.  Begin to let this world go.  Look to Him for all things, because all you need is provided in Him.  There is nothing more for you to do, so just walk with Him and learn of Him.  Be who you are.


I am complete.

There is nothing more to do.

I cannot become more of what I already am.

So I’ll just walk with Him.

In my completeness!


*When I mentioned losing the physical body, someone thought that we would be gaining or adding a spiritual body.  I will grant that, but let me ask this: How can we be sitting with Jesus in the heavenly places now, as Ephesians 2:6 says?  Perhaps, in that day, we will simply discover our spiritual body—which has been ours in Christ all along.

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