The Grid – What is Biblical?

The third of five parts:

     Even people who have embraced the message of grace still struggle with this.  I read a popular grace teacher a couple of months ago who said that people after the New Testament came to God by grace while people of the Old Testament came to God through the Law.  NO!  The only way to God throughout history, the only way He has given, is by His grace.  That was the point!  The Law was given to reflect our inability, not make us able.

So, when these folks look at the Scriptures, even after they begin to hear grace, they still struggle.  They still doubt that the grace message is “Biblical” because “Biblical” means performance and judgment.  They might move forward in grace, but they do it with a certain amount of guilt and fear.  In the back of their minds, the old grid won’t let them see grace in God’s Word.

Believe me, this is not easy to deal with.  I have counseled people in this situation.  They come in with their “Biblical” challenges to what I have taught and we have to go through each verse to see what it really says.  That can take a long time.  Others simply won’t read any Bible passages I give them.  They aren’t interested.  They want to hear about God’s love, but they won’t read His Word.  I worry that I am just another voice and I wonder how well they are receiving the message.  It has to be from God or it is just the opinion of another teacher!

I want people to read the Scriptures.  The Bible is the Word of God to His people.  In it He communicates His love through story and teaching.  Every page is a witness to the consistent love of God.  Every day I find things that fill me with wonder and joy as I consider the goodness and grace of the Lord.

More coming….     Comments??

(I am traveling these days.  This series of posts was quite popular a couple of years ago.  I hope you find them helpful.  Please feel free to comment as usual.  See you on the other side!  – Dave)


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4 responses to “The Grid – What is Biblical?

  1. graceandgiggles

    I have a lot of bad memories surrounding the Bible, the reading of it and even a specific translation. It has taken me awhile to get past some things. Other things I’m still working on. The most amazing part of it all, is that no matter what some people may or may not think of me and where I am with it all, is that the good Lord above knows my heart and my struggles. That’s what I must hold onto. That He, above all else, understands every intimate detail of me, and loves me anyways! AWESOME!!! Thanks for this series Dave!

  2. When the Bible is used as a weapon in our lives, of course we will have negative feelings about it! But, as you say, the Lord moves us beyond those things and tells us of His great love.

    And thanks for your answer to Kathy!

  3. Kathy F.

    I’m really enjoying this series….can’t wait for the next part!


    In case anyone is interested in an easy way to get the Bible every day: You can listen to it streaming (free) or download to ipod (free), and there is also an ap. (maybe $1) There is reading of Scriptures (different version each week) going through it an a year, then sometimes commentary by the reader, which is definitely oriented to the love and grace of God. After that there are some ministry announcements (which I often skip), and then prayer requests by callers at the end. It’s a Christ-centered ministry. My quiet time used to be VERY quiet time (as I usually fell asleep while trying to read in the morning).

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