It’s a New Year!

It’s Survivors Friday!

Okay, I know it’s supposed to be Narcissist Friday. But maybe we can make this day something different. After all, this is the day we mark a change.

Today is a new day, a new month, a new year. Today, as they say, is the first day of the rest of your life. But I am going to take that saying and twist it a little.

The first day of the REST of your life. The rest. What would it feel like to rest? How would this year be different if you knew that you were deeply loved by the only One who truly knows you, the only One who matters?

I just read someone who said that all of our internal stress comes from fear, frustration, or resentment. And, he said, it’s our internal stress that makes us less able to handle our external stress. In other words, when trouble comes in our lives, it’s what’s inside our hearts that will make the difference.

What if you could go to bed knowing that the Lord who loves you is working on all your problems? Your finances, your health, your responsibilities, your performance, your relationships, all of it. What if you could wake up in the morning having trusted Him through the night? What if you could give Him your fear, your frustration, and your resentment? Then you would find peace and strength.

This is a new year. The calendar date really means little. We look back on a crazy year, but we look forward to many of the same struggles and stresses. Yet, maybe this new year we can trust Jesus just a little more.

Take a moment today to give thanks for what the Lord has done in your life. You have survived. In some ways, you have prospered. Thank Him.

Then take another moment to ask Him to help you trust Him more. Nothing earth-shaking, but maybe something life-changing. I believe that we can ask Him for anything we need. If we need to trust Him more, let’s ask.

Nothing fancy. Just a simple prayer:

Lord, I know you love me. Help me to trust you more.

That’s it. You can add anything you want, of course. But that little prayer might change your whole year.

2020 hindsight. What a mess! But maybe if I trust Jesus more today and in the coming days, I will see even the past crazy year differently. Maybe I will find the blessings and remember the good that came out.

I doubt that many of us would look at 2020 as a year of rest. But let’s begin in some small ways to look at 2021 that way. As long as I know Jesus has me safely in the palm of His hand, where nothing can snatch me up and hurt me, then I can rest.

So, I will begin this year with a prayer for all of you:

Lord Jesus I know you love each person who reads this.

Help each one to trust you more.

Amen. Happy New Year!


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7 responses to “It’s a New Year!

  1. Lord Jesus, thank you for Pastor Dave. Please bless him, his family, and his ministry this year. Amen!

  2. Thanks Pastor Dave for the great words of encouragement:) I pray that you have a blessed year and I pray for wisdom, guidance, Direction, protection, and peace as you continue to address challenges that all of us face! thanks again!!!

  3. I must be on the right track! I just prayed this prayer a couple of days ago. And I truly mean it with all my heart. I want to trust him completely.

  4. Rachel

    A very happy new year Pastor Dave to you and your family! May it be a year of blessings for you all as 2020 has been, though as you say, we find it difficult to see those blessings sometimes.
    Thank you for all you do for us here- it is a source of blessing for me and those around me.

  5. STEVE

    Thank you Pastor Dave!!!

  6. Z

    Lord, help me trust You more this New Year. Forgive me when I doubt or lack faith. I KNOW You ALWAYS have my BEST as Your plan for my life. Help me keep my focus on Your proven character. Not on my disappointments, hurts, confusion…about the actions of PEOPLE to whom You gave free will. Yes, even to do evil and harm to me-Your beloved child. But YOU are my Protector. Though the weapons were formed, hit their target, wounded me…THEY WILL NOT PROSPER! You will see to it that unrepentant, habitual evil is repaid. Wicked plots, motives and actions do not go unseen or unpunished by You-my Avenger God. I don’t have to lift a finger or give them another thought. You have it ALL in Your hands. You are ALWAYS RIGHTEOUS, JUST AND GOOD. I leave vengeance in Your hands. I forego bitterness. I will not sin in my righteous anger over evil. You hate evil just like I do. You hate that evil was done to me-Your beloved child. You grieve it and even weep with me over it. I can trust You to take care of me and to take the right response to evil done to me in Your proper timing. I can release it all to You. Everyone and everything, I release ALL to You! Help me do this more fully this New Year, my precious Lord! I give my burdens and wounds to You-the Lover of My Soul. I place my trust anew in You, Jesus. Amen.
    Prayers 🙏🏽 for everyone in this community who is dealing with hurts and wounds. And for you, Pastor Dave and your family. God bless you for all the wonderful truths about our Savior that you lead us to ponder, lean into and trust. Thank you.

  7. Batya Ahul

    I love the name change Pastor Dave 😎.
    It takes the focus off the narcissist and places it on we the survivors. Isn’t it amazing that there is always something to be learned with our experiences with a narcissist-no matter how painful it might be…..

    Has anyone heard of the concept of Limerence? This was a term coined by a psychotherapist called Dorothy Tennov in the 1970s. My most recent experience caused me to research the subject. It was not entirely helpful because it caused me to blame myself for triggering this response in the N (before I joined the dots and came to the realisation that he is most likely a covert narcissist). A bit like the bottle of whiskey blaming itself for the actions of an alcoholic…

    God has given me a clear perspective on this now. I know that the N needs deep healing for his wounds which I am praying for.

    Limerence to me sounds an awful lot like Love bombing in the narcissistic idealisation phase. However there does not seem to be much literature out there linking the two subjects.

    God has shown me through this experience how incredibly fortunate I am to have such a wonderful loving husband and family.
    The Ns family is not so lucky.
    I pray for them all.

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