Christmas Prayers

It’s Narcissist Friday!     

(This post ran a couple of years ago and many were encouraged to know that others would be praying.  Let’s keep a good thing going!)

I have written a couple of Christmas posts on dealing with the narcissists in the past. They usually meet with mixed reviews because some who have reached the point of anger (a very natural point!) don’t like my suggestions on trying to get along. I understand and value the objections just as much as the words of appreciation. I will provide links to those posts at the end of this post.

This year I would simply like to assure each of you who must deal with uncomfortable situations with your narcissist that there are people praying for you.

If we have learned anything here, it’s that many people are struggling in narcissistic relationships. That means you are not alone. I know you may have to physically be alone in your situation, but there are people here who believe you and care. We will be praying for you.

To make that a little more personal, I invite those who desire prayer to write a note in the comments. You don’t have to write a lot, just “Pray for me!” If you use a pseudonym, that’s okay. The Lord knows who you are and what you are going through. And if you are able to pray, maybe just once or twice over the weekend, write a comment that says, “I will be praying for you!” Just a general comment, not in answer to a particular request. It will be a wonderful word of encouragement.

So, again, here’s the plan:

If you need prayer, write – Pray for me!

If you can pray, write – I will be praying!

If you are uncomfortable asking for prayer, please know that we will still be praying for you.  Even if no one asks, we know that many will need help.  So we will pray anyway.  For you.

Know that you are loved!

I will be praying for you!

What will he (or she) do this Christmas?

The Narcissist at Christmas


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35 responses to “Christmas Prayers

  1. I will be praying for all those caught in a narcissistic situation this Christmas. I know what it’s like. (God delivered me.) May God give you wisdom, strength, protection and inner peace.

  2. Sue

    I will be praying

  3. Batya Ahul

    I will be praying and please pray for me😊
    I will also be giving thanks for all the good things in our lives & for the amazing support we receive here in Pastor Dave’s wonderful blog.

  4. Donna

    I have FINALLY gone no contact with my mother. This year, she has caused such pain and bitterness in the lives of two of my adult children through her cruelty, lies, and manipulation that I simply must set boundaries against her involvement in my life. Both children are so crippled and hurt by her narcissistic abuse that only God’s intervention will be able to heal them. Please pray for me as I navigate these new waters of setting firm boundaries. I read this blog and another secular one dealing with narcissists faithfully because, more than anything, I want to heal and bring God glory in my healing. Thank you!

  5. Donna

    I am praying for others dealing with narcissists in their lives.

  6. Pray for me, and I will also be praying!

  7. brendasue56

    Pray for me please. I am high anxiety most of the time in my 35 year marriage. My married sons are too. It is heart breaking. My husband is covert which is horrible. I am codependent and broken, so that was what made me attractive to my husband. I am getting very good guidance from a Christian counseling. It’s a process. I am hopeful and my faith is strong, but this hurts.

    • Lm

      I am praying for you, brendasue56. I am trusting that God will give you “beauty for ashes” and that He will strengthen you as He heals your brokeness.

  8. rodney hickman

    2 christmas’s ago, i left a narcistic was the saddest christmas day of my life..saw no-one at all, my kids wouldnt even see me..BUT now I am free and this Christmas will be the best ever..SO, I am praying for you….BETTER days are ahead,..Somehow TRUST God to pull you through!

  9. Elly Ens Meyer

    ❤ this is an incredible gift!! please please pray for me!


  10. Judy Thompson

    Pray for me, please, and I will be praying for others, too.

    On Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 8:01 AM Grace for my Heart wrote:

    > graceformyheart posted: ” It’s Narcissist Friday! (This post ran a > couple of years ago and many were encouraged to know that others would be > praying. Let’s keep a good thing going!) I have written a couple of > Christmas posts on dealing with the nar” >

  11. Lissa Y.

    Pray for me and my two children. I will be praying for others. Thank you!

  12. Kristi

    I am praying for all of us, in each of our stages, of dealing with people who are infected with this demon. I’m not through it yet. Neither are you. But we are emerging. Bit by bit. Keep going. Keep it to yourself. This strength is for you to keep. For you. To keep. Truly. For you. Honestly. You exist. You have merit. You have value. You do. You really do. All my love and mutual support. Alone again, locked in a bedroom. The lack of violence would be relief to those, like me, who suffer it. ‘Words hurt as much as fists,’ my mother said. We are more than this. It is their sickness. Don’t get infected. Go at the first chance. It may not be perfect, but take the chance. Nothing can grow in darkness. So go when you can. Keep me with you too. Kxxx

  13. Connie

    I am praying.

  14. I’ve invented a new word that I would like to share with everyone, The word is MEPATHY. Mepathy is a morbid sense of self-pity that causes one to assume that their life, their goals and their feelings are more important than everyone else’s.
    Mepathy is the opposite of empathy so it applies to narcissists and narcissism, and it much easier to spell.

  15. Kate Miller

    Dave Orrison and this community are such a gorgeous gift to me. Thank you all for sharing your treasures of darkness.
    I need prayer this season.
    I will also do my best to remember to ‘hand it up to God’ and pray for all of us every time the “N” template presents itself to me.
    Blessings On Our Heads,

  16. Dave

    i will be praying as i too need prayer. Blessings and peace, in Jesus; & Merry Christmas! Dave

  17. Pam

    I need prayer! My grown daughter is very difficult to deal with. She has bad habits, and poor judgment. If she were single and by herself, I’d have no trouble dealing with her, but she is a single mom with four innocent little children. My heart is broken over this situation. Thank you for your prayers.

  18. Michelle

    I am so very grateful for this and I will pray. Please pray for me and my 2 sons as we continue to navigate through how to be in relationship with several narcissistic family members especially during these upcoming 2 weeks. Thank you!

  19. Anita

    Please pray for me. Almost 40 years married to a Narcissist. I’m in a constant state of high anxiety and have PTSD from the ongoing abuse. I’ve had 7 coping mechanism failures. My three, married adult children have been brain-washed by my husband. I get the blame for literally everything. I’m hanging by half a thread. But the Lord knows the truth and I’m praying for the truth to be revealed.

  20. DG

    Please, pray for me.

  21. felicity

    Pray for me please
    I have worked SO hard to help my elderly narcissistic elderly mother into a nursing home. She also got financially scammed for a lot of money. I have gone above and beyond to do everything for her and the courts have given me orders to be her power of attorney and guardian. She was an awful mother abusive and allowed me to be abused. Thank GOD I left home at a young age otherwise I would not have been here today. She was also an alcoholic. So now she has dementia and it’s really just her just much worse now. I visit her and she’s awful yo me she exudes so much hate is almost laughable. I come home and I am emotionally spent from her constant negativity and criticism of me while I visit. She is never ever grateful for anything I do or buy for her. And I’m still needing to continue to settle her estate and clean up her mess of a life. She doesn’t even say hello to me but will tell the nurses that she loves them. I’m just baffled at her hatred towards her own child. I do tell her to be nice or I won’t visit I am firm when she’s vile and it does work alittle. I know I’m a lovable likeable successful person so I don’t take her opinion of me to heart but it does hurt so much that she just hates me for no reason.
    Sorry for long post but yes I’m struggling feel like a beautiful dog being kicked in the street – how can anyone be so deeply hurtful

  22. Felicity

    Also THANKYOU FOR THIS BLOG it is an absolute blessing I recommend it to everyone Thankyou bless you

  23. Kathryn

    Pray for me. Thank you ❤️

  24. Z

    I will pray for all. Especially those who are in a toxic/abusive/narcissistic relationship or have exited one. Neither is an easy road. To have to choose between abuse or going No Contact’s loneliness and isolation, especially at the holidays is just horrible. 💔
    Please pray for me. I’ve gone No Contact but I’m trying to recover from a lifetime of violent abuse by parents. With the help of my Lord, Savior of the world, Emmanuel, I will make progress.
    Thank you all for this warm, welcoming, understanding community. Pastor Dave, the acceptance and compassion starts with you! God bless you all and Merry Christmas.

  25. Thank you for posting this.
    I am praying for others and covet prayers for myself.

  26. Carolee

    Pray for me. I am praying for you. Thanks Pastor Dave and many blessings.

  27. eternityheaven77

    Pray for me!

  28. Kenneth Curtis

    Praying for you all. Hold on to your faith and pray for God to guide you and give you wisdom for your trial. Love & Prayers

  29. Lea Curtis

    Praying for you all. Hold on to your faith and pray for God to guide you and give you wisdom for your trial. Love & Prayers

  30. I will be praying. I managed to survive an awful, narcissistic marriage and got out, but it broke me and I am still healing.

    • Praise God you got out. (I did, too.) Hold on; trust Him. He will heal you. It takes time. God loves you immensely, will keep you in His tender care, bless you, provide for you, and restore His peace to you until you are whole again.

  31. Linda Lee/Lady Quixote

    I will be praying. Having survived a tremendous amount of extreme narcissistic abuse, I KNOW there is deliverance and healing in the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless! ❤

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