From a solid place – God

It’s Narcissist Friday!

I have always been aware that the topic of narcissism draws both Christians and those who do not consider themselves to be believers. While I write primarily for believers, I truly desire to give hope and encouragement—as well as simple advice—to anyone who reads here.

There is a deep need in each of us to be loved. For most who have found themselves in narcissistic and abusive relationships, the desire for love opened that door. We opened our hearts and lives because we wanted to be valued and respected. When we discovered the truth about the relationship, we felt betrayed and used. We trusted that love was reciprocated, but we were deceived.

According to John 9, the man who was born blind was a beggar. I can only imagine the loneliness and rejection this man felt day after day. He could hear the sudden pause of conversations as people walked by him. He knew that their footsteps carried them to the other side of the path or sped up to get past him quickly. Even those who gave him a small coin usually did so without comment. And many simply ignored him.

The little details of this story tell us much. The path Jesus and the disciples were on would take them past this beggar, but Jesus saw the man. He stopped and saw him. While others tried not to look, Jesus purposely looked. While even the disciples saw the man only as an object lesson, Jesus saw his need and his pain. And Jesus stopped to heal him.

The fundamental truth of the Bible, whether you have heard it or not at church, is that God loves you. He has always loved you. He knows what you are going through. He knows what others have done to you. This is the one message that flows through the whole Bible. God loved Adam and Eve. He loved Israel. He loves the Church. He loves the lost. He loves you.

Yes, you may be suffering. You may have suffered a long time. People have been cruel or indifferent. You often feel as though no one cares. These are real feelings from real struggles. But you have never been alone. No matter how far you have been from Him, God has always been near to you.

I am kind of a wimp when it comes to suffering. I read stories of those who have suffered, and I hurt for them. There are many things I have never been through and, frankly, I don’t want to go through them. But I have always been amazed when I see how strong people become through their suffering. They may not feel strong or see themselves as strong, but their endurance is evidence. To keep going, day after day, is evidence of something I don’t see in myself. It is easy for me to see them as superior.

Yet, others have looked at me and my life and have said they see that in me. I can only say it is the grace and strength of Someone else. There is no pride in my endurance, but I am grateful to the One who has been with me.

God loves you. Jesus saw the man. He stopped to look, and He chose to make a difference.

I think most people today would say they don’t know much about God. They don’t know what to think about things like creation and miracles. Most just try to get something good out of their days.

I also think most people will acknowledge their need to be loved. There is something missing, something important. Family love, friendship love, so important but rarely pure and sufficient. The love we need is the love of Someone greater, Someone who truly knows.

So, whatever else you know or whatever you don’t know, please accept the love God has for you. In those painful times, He will be there for you. In those struggles, He sees you through.

As Francis Schaeffer wrote, “He is there, and He is not silent.”


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4 responses to “From a solid place – God

  1. Steve Tompkins

    Great details on the blind beggar! I had never thought of it that way before. Thx!

  2. 2birdman2

    Thanks Pastor Dave! always appreciate your encouragement! God has gifted you with putting thoughts down in word form that we can understand:)

  3. Amy

    What a beautiful, simple message — God loves you!

    The message is so simple yet can be so hard to grasp sometimes — God sees us and loves us and wants a relationship with us despite where we’ve been, what we’ve done, how others see us or even how we feel about ourselves.

    God loves me, despite it all, and that is what has always kept me going, even when the going has been tough. Clinging to Jesus is the only thing that has gotten me through some really tough times and knowing that even when I’ve loosened my grip on Him, He has never let go of me.

    Thank you, Jesus!

  4. Batya Ahul

    A few years back I was lucky to travel to Kenya. When we were travelling up the Mombassa coast I have a vivid memory of seeing a young man with what appeared to be leprosy, begging on the side of the road. He was alone and had a look of somewhere between desperation and hopelessness.
    I felt tremendous guilt and sadness as we passed in our air conditioned luxury bus.
    I have never forgotten this man and have prayed that he might know Jesus, as pastor Dave said above Jesus knows his suffering and He would not pass this young man by.
    He would see his inherent value and welcome him into the Kingdom.

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